Want Lipstick That Actually Lasts? Rouge Dior Forever is the Answer

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Photo Jan 01, 12 01 21 AM
Iris Law wears Rouge Dior ForeverPhotography by Sam Visser for Parfums Christian Dior

Model Iris Law and make-up artist Sam Visser share their secret to rich, reliable and fade-proof lip colour

  1. Who should use it? Anyone who wants intense, pigment-rich matte lipstick that actually stays where it’s supposed to – there are no smears, smudges or fading here
  2. How long until I love it? Probably 16 hours after you first put it on, as one application promises to last that long
  3. How planet-/people-friendly is it? As part of Dior Beauty’s Responsible Formulation Charter, the brand aims to source all ingredients in the most socially and environmentally responsible way possible
  4. How do I use it? Make sure your lips are primed and moisturised with a good balm, then add a slick of Rouge Dior Forever and leave to dry for three minutes

It’s Paris Fashion Week, and actress, model and Dior Beauty Ambassador Iris Law is in a hotel room getting ready for Dior’s Spring/Summer 2023 show. Standing over her, dusting shimmering eye shadow over her top lid, is Sam Visser; the make-up wunderkind and Dior Beauty Ambassador. “We’re going for a Drew Barrymore in the 90s look,” he says, studiously dabbing at Law’s face. “Like very sexy. She’s rock‘n’roll, but glamorous – not so uptight or serious.”

Finishing the look, most importantly, is the new Rouge Dior Forever Lipstick: a rich, easy-to-wear colour that pledges to stay put for 16 hours. Once applied, you just need to wait three minutes for it to dry, and the result is a day free of top-ups, smudging or chin smears. The promise is a “bare-lip feel” with a vibrant, ultra-matte finish that “does not budge”.

There are 25 pigment-rich colours to choose from, and the chosen shade for Visser today is 458 Forever Paris: a bright, brownish pink to complement Law’s vivid purple eye shadow and gamine bleached crop. It’s the go-to hue for the actress, who likes to keep things more muted during the transitional seasons. “I also like doing a really dark lip [like 838 Forever Daring] in summer, when I’m wearing barely any make-up and I’ve got a tan.” There’s also, of course, 999 Forever Dior – the brand’s signature red – which she always returns to. “I wear it with nothing on the eye, and just let the lip do the talking.”

For Visser, the ultra-pigmented range works perfectly with his signature, 80s-inspired aesthetic. Think high-octane glamour, big blowouts, pearly eye shadows, and loud, look-at-me lips. “What I love about the make-up in that time is that there was so much glamour, but there was also so much punk and rock and roll. There was so much decadent makeup, the hair was crazy, and every element was really out there.” After all, he adds, being able to safely try out vivid hues – without worrying about them drying out your lips and transferring onto every surface they touch – only encourages more fun and experimentation. “Beauty can be anything you really want it to be.”

Rouge Dior Forever is available here.