These Beauty Supplements Are the Closest Thing to the Elixir of Life

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Clinique La Prairie Age-Defy Supplements
Clinique La Prairie Age-Defy Supplements

From the niche new beauty brands doing something different, to the industry’s evergreen icons, Tish Weinstock opens up AnOther’s dream vanity. Up this week – longevity in a pill

  1. Who should use it? Anyone wanting to live a longer, healthier life
  2. How long until I love it? As with most supplements, it takes a while until you start to see the effects, depending on how deficient you are. Usually, changes start to occur around three to six weeks in, but for Age-Defy, a course of six months is recommended
  3. How planet-/people-friendly is it? Rather. The supplements come in dark glass packaging, while the outer packaging is made from FSC® certified paper, which means it has been harvested and produced responsibly
  4. How do I use it? Take two Immunity capsules with a glass of water in the morning, and two Regeneressence at night

Combining cutting-edge science with ancient healing practices, Clinique La Prairie is the ultimate destination for all things wellness. Situated in the Swiss alps, this medical haven offers a catalogue of holistic wellness programmes, which are designed to promote everything from immune balance to better sleep and ultimately longer life. The only thing is that it will cost you north of £30K.

For everyone else, however, there are the Clinique La Prairie Age-Defy nutritional supplements. Formulated by a team of leading life-science experts, Age-Defy is a two-step routine consisting of a morning supplement, Immunity, and an evening supplement, Regeneressence.

Powered by the Clinique La Prairie Holistic Complex, a clinically proven blend of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant bioactives, both supplements work to optimise the body and its natural processes in order to ensure longevity.

Immunity supports the body’s natural defences with a blend of powerful actives, while Regeneressence promotes vitality through cellular protection and stimulation. In short, these are mood-boosting, gut rebalancing, stress-relieving, and cognitive enhancing powerhouses that aim to slow down the ageing process, leaving you healthier for longer. What’s not to love?

Clinique La Prairie Age-Defy Supplements are available here.