Hot and Bothered? Soothe Your Skin With This Calming Serum

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Calming Serum by Dr Barbara Sturm
Courtesy of Dr Barbara Sturm

From the niche new beauty brands doing something different to the industry’s evergreen icons, Tish Weinstock opens up AnOther’s dream vanity. Next up – a soothing serum to cool your summer skin

  1. Who should use it? Whether you’re suffering from redness or irritation or simply want to fortify your skin’s natural defenses, this is the perfect serum to add to your summer skincare regime
  2. How long until I love it? With its cooling properties, the calming effects are pretty instant. But to reduce skin sensitivity in the long term, continued use is recommended
  3. How planet-/people-friendly is it? Getting friendlier by the minute. From ethically sourced ingredients to sustainable packaging where possible, the brand is constantly challenging itself to do better where the welfare of our planet is concerned. They’re also vehemently cruelty-free
  4. How do I use it? Simply slot into your skincare routine, somewhere between your cleanser and moisturiser and soothed skin shall be yours

Suffering from stressed-out skin? Barbara Sturm’s Calming Serum is just what the doctor ordered. Dr Barbara Sturm, to be precise. Skin expert and celebrity favourite, Barbara is often credited as inventing the vampire facial. But Barbara’s big thing is combatting inflammation, which she does in the most gentle way possible.

Infused with an active plant-based complex of Cardiospermum, echium, and sunflower extract, this ultra-soothing Calming Serum does exactly what you might expect it to; calm and relieve irritated skin and reduce the appearance of redness. Purslane is another hero ingredient and works by stimulating the skin’s antioxidant system, healing inflammation and protecting sensitive cell members against free radicals. Strengthening the skin’s natural defences, and therefore minimising sensitivity over time, this serum is ideal for rebalancing your complexion after sun exposure, sleep deprivation, air con, jet lag and environmental pollution. In other words, it’s your perfect travel companion. It even comes in the perfect travel size mini.

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