How to Survive the Heatwave as a Goth

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Summer Goth Inspiration
Photography by Mark Segal, Styling by Alister Mackie. Taken from the S/S06 issue of Another Man

As a record-breaking heatwave sweeps across the UK and Europe, we revisit a 2018 piece providing indispensable tips for maintaining your goth style in the hot weather

This article was originally published on 3 August 2018:

And so the European heatwave continues ... This week, Sweden’s highest peak lost its title because the usually warm weather has melted away the tip of a glacier on top of the Kebnekaise mountain, while Europe’s highest-ever temperature is forecast for this weekend (some parts of Spain and Portugal are expected to reach 48°C, in case you were wondering). If you’re a goth – or simply someone who only wears black – the heat poses a challenge: how do you survive it while maintaining your style? Here, Another Man provides five tips.

1. Go sleeveless

Essentially, this is about choosing something that doesn’t compromise your all-noir aesthetic, but at the same time exposes as much skin as possible. Freeing your arms is good start. The cotton kimono shirt by Les Hommes below is one option, while Rick Owens has plenty of sleeveless pieces. If you’re unsure how to pull of a vest, check out our guide here.

2. Brave a crop or cut-out top

Crop and cut-out tops – like these two designs by Craig Green – are another way to apply this principle. With this one though, make sure you apply suncream to prevent funny tan lines.

3. Try silk or rayon

If you prefer being more covered up, which is better for protecting your skin from the sun, then it’s about finding suitable fabric. Obviously linen is a go-to summer fabric, but silk and rayon are good too. This embroidered rayon shirt by Lanvin is a prime example.

4. Go sheer

Sheer fabrics are another way to stay covered, but cool. Take this organza ruffle-front blouse from Mairead Lewin Vintage, modelled by Horrors frontman Faris Badwan, for example. A beautiful but breathable piece.

5. Use an umbrella

Umbrellas are good shields from the sun, as well as the rain: they can protect you from the heat, as well as harmful UV rays – which is particularly useful if you’re trying to maintain your vampiric pallor (and avoid sun damage). Plus, they can add to your look, as evidenced below.