Joel Meyerowitz Has Shot Jil Sander’s Autumn/Winter 2021 Campaign

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Courtesy Jil Sander and Joel Meyerowitz

The legendary street photographer has created a series of sumptuous, cinematic shots for the brand, all of which were shot in his home of Tuscany

Jil Sander has collaborated with legendary image-maker Joel Meyerowitz for its Autumn/Winter 2021 campaign. The fashion house, led by Lucie and Luke Meier, invited the photographer to capture the latest collection on location from his home in Tuscany. The result is a series of sumptuous, cinematic images shot in a variety of everyday locations, from low-lit gas stations to sunny shop fronts.

Meyerowitz is known for his street photography, his effortless composition, and his innovative, sculptural approach to light and colour. For this campaign, however, he was apparently inspired by the older, more ornate aesthetic of the Renaissance period. “A photograph is an interruption in our flow of time,” he said in an accompanying statement. “We are shaken out of our dream state for a brief moment of consciousness, where we suddenly see with the clarity of a newborn who is gifted with an old eye.”

The Tuscan location is a key part of the project. As well as being Meyerowitz’s home, it is also where Lucie and Luke Meier lived when they first met. In addition, many pieces from their Jil Sander collections tend to be handmade by artisans from the region, so it felt like a natural choice for a setting.

“It was a privilege to collaborate and share ideas with a legend of photography and a thinker like Joel,” said Lucie and Luke Meier. “He is a true innovator who has almost singlehandedly introduced colour into art photography. His sensitivity, sense of humour, and instinct for composition turn reality into art.”

This campaign is the latest part of an ongoing collaborative project for Jil Sander, and is eventually set to be published into a book.