GmbH’s Founders Announced as the New Creative Directors of Trussardi

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Serhat Işık and Benjamin A. Huseby

Serhat Işık and Benjamin A Huseby will take over the luxury Italian fashion house next year

Serhat Işık and Benjamin A Huseby, the subversive design duo behind Berlin label GmbH, have been named as the new creative directors of Trussardi. The pair are set to take the reins of the label next year, with their first collection announced for Autumn/Winter 2022.

The Milanese fashion house, founded in 1911, is predominantly known for its clean, preppy designs and luxury leather accessories. It’s an entirely different aesthetic from what Huseby and Işık have become known for with GmbH, where the focus has historically been on experimentalism and “unashamedly un-gendered” sensuality. Up to now, their disruptive designs have drawn inspiration from Berlin’s underground club scene, as well as social justice, migration and queer identity (previous collections reference asylum seekers, anti-fascism, and even Berlin’s unregulated real estate market).

Huseby and Işık will oversee all aspects of Trussardi’s design, image and branding in the coming months, leading a 21st-century “revival” of the house. It is a new direction that Sebastian Suhl, the label’s CEO, is “profoundly excited” about. “Serhat and Benjamin bring a distinctive and powerful vision to Trussardi,” he said in a statement.

The creative directors have also shared their hopes for the new collaboration, which they will work on alongside their continuing roles at GmbH. “Trussardi comes charged with pedigree and enormous untapped potential,” Huseby and Işık said. “We were drawn to the possibility of building a house anew.”