Exclusive: Fendi Collaborates With Disruptive New York Artist Sarah Coleman

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Fendi Summer Capsule 2021
Fendi Summer Capsule 2021Courtesy of Fendi

Fendi has joined forces with Sarah Coleman on a 1970s-inspired capsule collection

With warmer days – hopefully – just around the corner, Fendi has unveiled a new capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2021. Drawing on the care-free spirit of the 1970s, the collection is the result of the Italian house’s second collaboration with “disruptive” New York-based artist Sarah Coleman, who is best known for her tongue-in-cheek fusion of fashion’s most recognisable logo prints with everyday objects – from pill bottles encased in Louis Vuitton leather, to foldable chairs crafted from Prada’s iconic nylon.

Fusing “70s references” and “90s vibes”, the eye-catching collection aims to inspire a “joyful and uplifting mood” through a vibrant melding of psychedelic prints, searing hues of yellow and blue, and a new warped logo pattern conceived of by Coleman, which sees a trippy twisted version of the classic ‘FF’ pattern. Appropriately titled Vertigo, the capsule collection spans bags and accessories, as well as mens-, womens-, and even childrenswear.

“My intention for the collection with Fendi was to be very playful and free,” says Coleman, who last joined forces with the label in 2020, when she worked on the space for their Miami Design District boutique. “Silvia [Venturini Fendi] asked me to be ‘disruptive’, to push the limits and get outside of the box. Coming from her, this gave me a huge amount of inspiration and confidence. She is so authentic to herself and the brand with a visionary’s perspective … I was so empowered by Silvia and the Fendi team to be myself. It was an incredible experience.”

As part of the collaboration developed with Coleman, Fendi had also reimagined its Peekaboo X-Tote and the Baguette 1997 with a new ‘FF Fisheye’ motif, which sees house’s signature FF logo become wavy and fluid, “as if seen through a fish-eye lens”. “The FF logo designed by Karl Lagerfeld is so timeless,” says Coleman, reflecting on the experience of working with the iconic interlocking print. “It’s beautiful, it’s transformative, it just goes with every flow which is why it has stood the test of time. There is nothing trendy about it. It is art, design, architecture, movement, all in one.” 

Fendi’s Summer 2021 Capsule Collection is available from May 13.