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Aimee Shirley for Friends of Friends Productions (
Courtesy of Susanne Kaufmann, Photography by Aimee Shirley

22 Planet-Friendly Beauty Brands to Know

To mark Earth Day 2021, we share a list of beauty and skincare brands whose values, products and practices have the environment in mind

The conversation around sustainability within the beauty industry has become more urgent in recent years as consumers are increasingly aware of the climate crisis we face. The label of ‘sustainable’, however, is seemingly used with greater abandon, its definition ever-broadening and, in some cases, making for more confusion than clarity. To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, we have rounded up a selection of – coincidentally, 22 – planet-friendly skincare and beauty brands, whose products are as good as their environmental credentials. Rather than measure a brand’s overall ‘sustainability’ – no company, after all, is perfect – we’ve looked at three planet- and people-friendly categories: packaging, production and initiatives, and ingredients. There is some overlap across these sections – as some brands truly excel in all three – but by separating these concerns we hope to provide a useful guide to how a selection of our favourite skincare brands are thinking of the planet and its future.