Craig Green on His Obsession With Kate Bush

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Self-portrait by Craig Green

Speaking in AnOther Magazine Spring/Summer 2021, the menswear designer reflects on his love for the singer, and the ways in which she subconsciously influences his work

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“I was about 13 when I became a fully fledged Kate Bush fan, around the time I realised art and design might be the path I should go down. I was spending a lot of time alone in my bedroom, working, and I started listening to her over and over. I think of her as a curious, purely creative person, and I love that she can find music in anything – from mother-and-son love, to pigeons and snowflakes. I’ve never directly referenced her, but I think subconsciously she influences me. After we released the Autumn/Winter 2018 campaign, which featured windmills on a cliff with smoke billowing around them, I looked at the photographs and thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s like Cloudbusting!’ Her music has felt even more important recently – with the pressure to produce things at a certain rate a big topic of discussion over the past few months, I find it inspiring that she only releases things when she is completely happy with them. Her music is also rooted in nature a lot of the time, and nature feels so much louder at the moment. It just feels very right.”

It’s hard to believe Craig Green only emerged from Louise Wilson’s tutelage at Central Saint Martins and onto London’s fashion landscape a little over eight years ago, given his status as one of the brightest stars of the menswear scene. Renowned for his thoughtful, esoteric explorations of masculinity, which reduced at least some of the audience to tears at his poetic Spring/Summer 2015 show – and which took place a few weeks after Wilson’s death – the designer weaves rich, emotive stories throughout each of his collections. It’s perhaps this that draws him to Bush. “Her music transports you to a different world,” he says. As anyone who’s been to one of Green’s shows can attest, she’s not the only artist with the ability to pluck people from reality and envelop them in their universe.

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