Summer Madness: Inside Bottega Veneta’s New “Digital Journal”

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Bottega Veneta Issue 01
Bottega Veneta Issue 01Storror

The first instalment of the Italian house’s new quarterly digital journal features contributions from the likes of Missy Elliott, Elaine Constantine, Walter Pfeiffer, and more

A mysterious thing happened in January: without warning, and seemingly little explanation, Bottega Veneta disappeared from all social media platforms. At first the move seemed strange – particularly at a moment when the digital realm is more all-encompassing than ever – though it speaks volumes about Daniel Lee’s bold new vision for the Italian house, where a stripped-back elegance and reality-rooted sensuality in the British designer’s collections, shows, and campaigns alike have blazed a significant trail forward.

Despite this move, Bottega hasn’t disappeared from the internet altogether – today, the brand unveiled the first instalment of a new quarterly “digital journal”, entitled Issue. The visually led ‘Summer Madness’ Issue 01 of the publication (the brand believes “image transcends language”) features contributions from a cohort of global creatives, including Missy Elliott, fashion icon Barbara Hulanicki, photographer Walter Pfeiffer, polymath Elaine Constantine, balloon artist Masayoshi Matsumoto, Storror, Jonathan Frantini, Tyrone Lebon, and more.

“With each Issue we intend to redefine the ways in which we engage with our audience,” says the brand of the project. “We also want to speak to larger crowds, in a democratic way – make the brand accessible to people who don’t necessarily buy the product.” Each of the journals will arrive as collections land in store, and are created with the simple goal of “giving further meaning” to the products Bottega produces, while celebrating the wider creative community which makes up the brand’s world. Though each Issue features “a culmination of different collections,” this first edition has a strong focus on Lee’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection for the brand, which was presented last October at Sadler’s Wells in London. 

Explore Bottega Veneta Issue 01 here.