Josh O’Connor Heads to the Desert for Loewe’s New Campaign

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EYE/LOEWE/NATURE Spring/Summer 2021
EYE/LOEWE/NATURE Spring/Summer 2021Photography by Gray Sorrenti

O’Connor features in the campaign for the Spring/Summer 2021 Eye/Loewe/Nature collection, which has just landed on MATCHESFASHION

Jonathan Anderson’s latest Eye/Loewe/Nature collection has arrived at MATCHESFASHION, alongside a vibrant campaign starring The Crown and God’s Own Country star, Josh O’Connor. Shot in the Baja California Desert in Mexico, the Gray Sorrenti-shot visual speaks to our collective desire for adventure following a year of restricted movement, and sees the British actor put the workwear-led pieces to practical use in a series of action-packed scenes – which range from him leaping energetically in the sand to driving a dust buggy into the sunset.

Designed “for enjoying life outside”, the collection melds Anderson’s love of craft with sustainable thinking, “with the final goal of being as sustainable as possible”. To achieve this, the clothes were created using an array of materials and techniques, such as the upcycling of carpets to make jackets; patchworking vintage quilts to create colour-block parkas; and old parachutes for lightweight hooded jackets. This considered recycling ethos is carried through the accessories too, which were crafted from quilted liners and recycled nylon.

“Nature is integral to my Loewe vision,” said Anderson of the collection, pledging 15 euros of every sale to Fundación Global Nature, a charity fighting to protect wildlife species in danger of extinction. “The great outdoors, the wilderness even, offers both context and stimuli for what we do.” Speaking to AnOther when the collection was first revealed as part of the designer’s playful ‘Show In a Book’ concept for digital men’s fashion week, Anderson said: “I‘m really about projecting optimism here ... If I design something that is for the future, hopefully we will get there. I don’t know if we will, but we need to have optimism, have imagination.” 

Eye/LOEWE/Nature Spring/Summer 2021 is available at MATACHESFASHION.