A “National Geographic of Youth Culture”: Ib Kamara on the New Era of Dazed

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Newly appointed editor-in-chief Ib Kamara and executive editorial director Lynette Nylander announce their new team, and their plans for the magazine’s future

Earlier this year, Dazed teased the beginnings of a bold new era. After eight trailblazing years at the magazine’s helm, editor-in-chief Isabella Burley announced plans to step down from her role, along with art director Jamie Reid, fashion director Emma Wyman, and editor Claire Marie Healy.

Now, the magazine’s reins have been handed to new editor-in-chief Ib Kamara and executive editorial director Lynette Nylander. The formidable pair announced their vision for the year ahead today, along with their broad editorial strategy and additional team appointments.

“At a precarious moment in the lives of young people all over the world, Dazed’s vision is that we will connect every reader, follower and visitor no matter where they reside, to a global social community,” said Kamara in a statement. “The future of youth rests in their hands.”

The new team includes editor Jack Mills (formerly Dazed’s print features editor), art director Bruce Usher, and fashion editor Imruh Asha. They will be joined by a larger contributing team which includes casting director Mischa Notcutt, fashion editor-at-large Claudia Sinclair, junior fashion editor-at-large Felix Paradza, and creative consultant Gareth Wrighton. New senior contributing fashion editors include Jacob K and Patti Wilson, while contributing fashion editors include Akeem Smith, and Raphael Hirsch.

According to Kamara, Dazed’s new direction will see it become more like the “National Geographic of youth culture”. The magazine’s main focus will be on platforming global perspectives and talent, and broadening its audience around the world. 

“Our mission is to unite young people globally by telling stories from viewpoints from all over the world; to empower the future of young people by building communal spaces both within and around our output where knowledge and experience is shared freely,” adds Nylander. “We want to protect the future of young people by influencing the establishment to create opportunity. We will create work with joy and imagination and close the gap between what we say we do, and what we do.”

The full team will be announced in the May issue’s masthead.