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Daisy Walker photographer Nico-Lou Monheim Carrasquillo
Storm skirt by Charlotte Knowles and model’s own jewelleryPhotography by Daisy Walker, Styling by Fallon Castella

Girl on Girl: Daisy Walker’s Photographs of Feminine Sensuality

The photographer shoots her friend, artist Nico-Lou Monheim Carrasquillo, for an intimate new series shot entirely on the iPhone 12 Pro

Lead ImageStorm skirt by Charlotte Knowles and model’s own jewelleryPhotography by Daisy Walker, Styling by Fallon Castella

Daisy Walker is known for her earthy, sensuous shots of femininity. The London-based photographer gets under the skin of her subjects, creating intimate, often nude portraits of women at their most primal. The natural world is a recurring theme in her work too, with Walker often scattering elements of earth – like flowers, trees and sunswept seascapes –  through her projects.

Her soulful style has attracted the attention of Burberry, Loewe, Maison Margiela, Stella McCartney, and Vivienne Westwood, who have all commissioned the photographer in the past. However, Walker has also strived forward with her own more personal projects, creating postcards to raise money for Solace Women’s Aid, and founding the gender equality non-profit, Women In Fashion. Most recently, she revealed a body of work capturing the comforting experience of posing nude in nature.

Here, in a new series specially commissioned by AnOther Magazine, Walker experiments more with her earthly sensibilities. The project, which is shot in an isolated studio space, draws her focus directly onto the feminine form, leading to an intimate figurative study. “Over the past year, I’ve very much made work that responded to the cultural shift; moving personal work outdoors and focusing on the body,” she explains. “This project was a continuation of the exploration of the body but also a form of escape in a way. I hadn’t shot in a studio for so long.”

Shot entirely on the new iPhone 12 Pro, the project sees Walker shoot her friend, artist Nico-Lou Monheim Carrasquillo, wearing pieces designed by Charlotte Knowles. The shoot was styled by Fallon Castella.

“I thought about the word ‘community’ and what it means in a post-Covid world,” Walker continues. “So much of our connection is now limited to online, and instead of fighting that I decided to embrace it. Fallon styled over FaceTime from Paris and in fact, the entire team was made of people I’d been planning on working with, but had never yet met in person.”  

Shooting on her phone also added a “sense of ease and fun” to the process, she adds, making it feel more relaxed and liberated. “The day felt more like two women playing around on their phones than anything else, which is a feeling and intimate exchange we’re all lacking these days ... This was a moment to simply enjoy fashion and explore a new medium.”

See the full series below:

Photography: Daisy Walker. Styling: Fallon Castella. Hair: Ryuta Saiga @ Julian Watson Agency using Bumble & Bumble. Make-up: Thomasin Waite @ Julian Watson Agency using BYREDO makeup. Model: Nico Lou Monheim Carrasquillo. Post Production: LAH Retouch