An Emerging Menswear Designer Crafting Emotive, “Empathetic” Pieces

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Self-portrait by Marvin Desroc

Fledgling designer Marvin Desroc speaks to AnOther about his loving approach to fashion, and reflects on the communities that have shaped him

Introducing New Beginnings, a new series of mini Q&As spotlighting emerging designers, in the wake of Craig McDean and Katie Shillingford’s shoot for AnOther Magazine Autumn/Winter 2020.

AnOther Magazine: What are your hopes for the future?

Marvin Desroc: I’m hoping for growth, peace of mind, stability and more freedom.

AM: What is the thinking behind your work?

MD: It’s a tough question to answer because my thinking is not a methodological thing
yet, it changes and grows as I continue to grow as well. What I can say is that it
usually starts with self-evaluation. I allow myself to live and feel freely, and then
observe where those emotions are coming from. It helps me to get to know myself
better, but also helps me connect with people who share the same experience as
I do.

AM: What three words would you use to describe your approach to fashion?

MD: Empathic, honest and nostalgic.

AM: What does community mean to you?

MD: It’s like family. Love is strong, differences are shared, sometimes fights happen but
there is that common experience that makes us stick together.

AM: What community did you grow up around? How did that shape you?

MD: I had the chance to grow up around every community possible: from different
nationalities to different religions. I grew up around all of them. It is normal to know
about other foods or other living lifestyles for example, not just on TV but in real life. It made me more adaptable to anything. I can exist in any space possible without taming my experience in it.

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