Ten Reasons to Buy AnOther Magazine A/W20

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In a period of confinement and social upheaval, AnOther Magazine presents an issue built on discussion, community and creative expression

1. Be inspired – and educated – by Janaya Future Khan, the public speaker, teacher, author and international ambassador for Black Lives Matter, who has been tirelessly working for equality for the Black community since they were a teenager. Speaking to Janelle Monáe, in a conversation mediated by Lynette Nylander, the pair discuss their formative years, the finding and claiming of their identities, the similarities in their shared experience of Blackness, the understanding of privilege and where we can go from here. Khan is photographed by Collier Schorr and styled by Nell Kalonji.

2. Delve into a special project realised during lockdown, performed by Michèle Lamy and Kim Kardashian, conceived and directed by Dutch photographer Paul Kooiker– a visual attestation to Lamy and Kardashian’s perhaps unlikely friendship. In the accompanying text, Stefan Kalmár, the curator and director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, meditates on these two extraordinary women, how they relate to each other and to a complex notion of contemporary reality.

3. Step inside Susie Cave’s home in Brighton, where the model, designer and face of Gucci Bloom is photographed by Alasdair McLellan and styled by Ellie Grace Cumming in Alessandro Michele’s collections for Gucci, past and present. Speaking to Alexander Fury, Michele muses on his love of fragrance, nature, unexpected beauty and his friend, Susie.

4. Revel in the extraordinary imagery capturing John Galliano’s Autumn/Winter 2020 Maison Margiela Artisanal collection, imagined by Willy Vanderperre and Olivier Rizzo. Speaking to Susannah Frankel, the inimitable – and ever-influential – designer discusses his 1986 Fallen Angels collection, the Blitz Kids and his experience meeting the famously reclusive Margiela himself.

5. Meet fashion’s stars of tomorrow in a shoot celebrating emerging designers, whose work is captured in a captivating portfolio of images photographed by Craig McDean and styled by Katie Shillingford. The designers include the Central Saint Martins-educated Tolu Coker whose appliquéd jacket, featuring her father and Angela Davis, appears on one of the six covers for this issue. “This collection was inspired by my childhood spent growing up on a London council estate,” Coker says, “as well as my late father Kayode Coker’s involvement in fighting for equitable justice for marginalised communities.”

6. Bask in the beauty of Katy England’s story, which represents a collage of people, paintings and fashion close to and moving her. The story features photography by Benjamin A Huseby – starring dancer, model and choreographer MJ Harper, dressed exclusively in Stefano Pilati’s label Random Identities – paintings by Charlie Gosling and floral still-life photography by Flora Starkey. In an accompanying conversation mediated by Alexander Fury, Harper and Pilati (who have been close friends since 2015) discuss fashion, Random Identities’ show in Florence this January and the upheaval that has ensued since.

7. Lose yourself in Document which, this issue, is curated by Alister Mackie and centres around the idea of community and, more specifically, communes. Featuring texts by Honey Dijon and Bobby Gillespie, the pages offer a supremely elegant display of imagery, spanning new and archival photography and painting, showcasing the work of image-makers including Alex Foxton, Brett Lloyd, William Waterworth, Malick Bodian, Jesús Medina, among others.

8. Marvel at the sheer creativity of Jane How who made all the clothes for her story, taking inspiration from specific pieces by some of her favourite designers – including a hooded aluminium dress with fringing by Paco Rabanne, which she recreated in the form of a headpiece constructed entirely from safety pins.

9. Escape into the alternative reality of Rafael Pavarotti and Ibrahim Kamara’s compelling shoot which, in Pavarotti’s words, “conveys emotions, feelings and visions of this society that is gradually rebuilding itself”. “Working with Ib is a creative dive into a sea of infinite possibilities,” he says.

10. Read conversations between inspiring individuals such as the aforementioned Janaya Future Khan and Janelle Monáe, and MJ Harper and Stefano Pilati, as well as Andre Walker and Grace Wales Bonner, Pamela Anderson and Andreas Kronthaler, and Nick Knight and Gareth Pugh.

AnOther Magazine Autumn/Winter 2020, which is on sale internationally from October 1, 2020.