An Ongoing Guide to Digital New York Fashion Week

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(Film still) Courtesy of Presley Oldham

The first digital iteration of New York Fashion Week takes place this week. Here – in an ongoing list – we share some highlights


  1. Concept: A series of images taken by Daria Kobayashi Ritch in the landscapes of the designers’ native California
  2. Collection: A typically feminine outing from Kate and Laura Mulleavy – 1940s style frill-yolked dresses, crystal-adorned gloves and bobby socks, floral and heart motifs – was tempered with more casual pieces, from silk pyjama two-sets to slouchy varsity sweaters, which spoke to the current at-home moment
  3. Quote: “Everything we do is about fantasy and dreams, but we are located in a moment, and we are a part of what is happening now,” Kate Mulleavy told American Vogue

Tom Ford

  1. Concept: A men’s and women’s lookbook, revealed on the CFDA’s Runway360 platform
  2. Collection: A hopeful outing from the American designer saw him look towards the exuberant life of illustrator Antonio Lopez, who worked predominantly in the 1970s, and his model muses Pat Cleveland and Donna Jordan for a series of colourful, vividly printed kaftans and two-sets
  3. Quote: “Hopefully a vaccine will begin to change our lives by early 2021 … I can only hope that by the time these clothes reach the stores in spring 2021 that it will be a more optimistic time,” said Ford. “The global zeitgeist always affects fashion and for me this longing for a hopeful spring translates into somewhat classic relaxed clothes but clothes that make me smile. Clothes to have a bit of fun in”

Presley Oldham

  1. Concept: A short dance film, directed by Cyrus J. Stowe, which saw the young designer’s jewellery modelled by the people who inspire him the most
  2. Collection: Oldham’s precious pearl jewellery – much of which is handmade in New Mexico – appears throughout
  3. Quote: “This is my dream team, and I’m beyond proud of what we created together. I went to high school in Texas with over half of the people who worked on this film, and I met the rest of the team while living in New York,” Oldham said on Instagram. “I hope watching these beautiful people dance around brings a smile to your face and a few moments of joy to your day”


  1. Concept: A series of images titled The Theory of Now by American image-maker Ethan James Green, presented in two parts, Reinvention and Renewal
  2. Collection: A sleek mens- and womenswear offering for Resort and Spring/Summer 2021 which proffered the idea of “lifewear replacing workwear” seeing the American brand’s signature tailoring loosened up for a new urban uniform 
  3. Quote: “A revised system for getting dressed: workwear becomes lifewear as the physical boundaries between the home and office dissolve, as the boundaries between work and life, public and private, are redrawn,” says the brand