Harley Weir, Lotta Volkova and More Join Forces for FARFETCH

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FARFETCH ‘Open Doors to a World of Fashion’ Campaign
FARFETCH ‘Open Doors to a World of Fashion’ CampaignPhotography by Harley Weir, Styling by Lotta Volkova

A new campaign – which stars a host of creative visionaries, from playwright Jeremy O. Harris to actress Angelababy – marks a new chapter and look for the global fashion platform

Revealed today, a new campaign from FARFETCH heralds a new era for the international fashion platform, celebrating global community and togetherness in the wake of worldwide lockdowns – “breaking boundaries, bypassing borders, opening doors to fashion and fashion lovers everywhere,” as Holli Rogers, chief brand officer, explained this morning.

Created by photographer Harley Weir, stylist Lotta Volkova, filmmaker Simon Cahn and photographer Leslie Zhang, the campaign is titled Open Doors to a World of Fashion and stars a cast of visionary creatives from around the world, who “each [embody] a specific quality of the FARFETCH universe”. These include the playwright Jeremy O. Harris – who rose to acclaim with his award-winning Slave Play, which transferred to Broadway in 2019 – model Veronika Kunz, musician Kindness, poet Sonny Hall, actress Angelababy, environmentalist and poet Wilson Oryema, artist and model Kesewa Aboah alongside rising stars from China, India and Nigeria.

“This campaign brings a sense of optimism and ‘togetherness’. In a world where perhaps we can’t physically be together right now, where we can’t travel to our favourite boutiques or shopping destinations we wanted to express how we can bring the world of fashion to people everywhere now and in the future,” says Rogers.

With this in mind, each of the campaign stars was selected for their “individual expression”. “With every voice, a unique point of view is brought to life,” FARFETCH says. “In an era of transformation and exploration, the campaign celebrates the power to dream new dreams, to explore new worlds and to open doors to endless possibilities.” The campaign will launch in London, New York, Shanghai and in various countries in the Middle East across print, online and social media platforms, as well as on television for the very first time.

The campaign also coincides with the unveiling of a new brand identity for FARFETCH, partnering with Munich-based design studio Bureau Borsche on new typefaces, as well as a new bespoke monogram, the ‘FARFETCH Fuse’. The latter – a combination of a lowercase and uppercase ‘F’ – is central to the vision, making for a modern take on the emblems of luxury fashion houses, “[connecting] the traditional fashion world with the needs of a dynamic digital company”.

“We wanted to introduce a forward-looking vision for the brand while honouring the FARFETCH identity as a single and singular destination, powered by innovative technology, through which to access the greatest designers – established and emergent – fashion curators and the most discerning boutique owners across the globe,” says Rogers. “FARFETCH is now in its second chapter as a company, partnering with the world’s best designers and stores and we need an identity that reflects that.”