Things to Do in Self-Isolation: Tim Blanks’ Guide

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AnOther Magazine Spring/Summer 2018Photography by Jack Davison, Styling by Nell Kalonji

Another Man’s senior contributing editor Tim Blanks shares how he’s spending time during isolation – from the series he’s binge-watching on Netflix to the albums he’s listening to

We at AnOther believe that in this unprecedented time of isolation, economic uncertainty, and social distancing, culture is more important than ever. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing daily to do lists, curated by the AnOther Magazine and Another Man teams, as they share things to look at, listen to, watch, read, or follow, to get you through. Here, Another Man’s senior contributing editor Tim Blanks shares his recommendations.


The photographs of Jack Davison and the styling of Ib Kamara have made me fall back in love with fashion imagery. Keller/Wittwer’s Point de Départ and Edward Burtynsky’s Anthropocene are the photo books in which I’m solidly embedded for the moment.


Bryan Ferry’s Bête Noire, because, when I interviewed him for Another Man, Bryan told me he wished he could re-record it, but the more I listen to it, the less I can find a single thing wrong with it! And the Blanck Mass soundtrack for Calm with Horses and Fatima Al Qadiri’s soundtrack for Atlantics because I’m desperate for magic and mystery in music right now.


It’s a marvel how Harlan Coben manages to shoehorn the essence of all evil into a suburban soap, but The Stranger is the twistiest, nastiest piece of work on Netflix. And every revelation is perfectly calibrated so you’re holding your breath while you binge to blackout. And I’m also holding my breath during Call My Agent! (also Netflix) because I don’t want to miss a single slur.


I will read any book about Andy Warhol but Blake Gopnik’s doorstop of a biography promises lots of new stuff. What’s left? I wonder. I know Christina Lamb’s Our Bodies Their Battlefield is going to be a difficult read but I have way less distractions than usual, so I will be able to give it all the time it demands.


@thesavemovement, @wearegaia. Each, in their own way, an unavoidable summons to understand why we are where we are.