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All clothing and accessories from the Prada Spring/Summer 2020 collection

Not Fashion But Style: Capturing Prada’s S/S20 Collection

Prada’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection, captured here by Eddie Whelan and Katie Shillingford, is about the power of women, of clothing, of eternal style

Lead ImageAll clothing and accessories from the Prada Spring/Summer 2020 collection

Miuccia Prada is widely perceived as the most influential designer working today; where she goes, fashion follows. Backstage at the Spring/Summer 2020 Prada show, she described her brand as “a fashion animal”, which seems apt for a label of this kind: living, breathing, evolving. For the S/S20 issue of AnOther Magazine, photographer and filmmaker Eddie Whelan and AnOther Magazine’s fashion director Katie Shillingford captured this collection, which is about reduction to an essence, a purity, a directness, an instinct; the power of women, of clothing, of eternal style. Alongside these images, published on the day of the house’s A/W20 show at Milan Fashion Week, we revisit more of Mrs Prada’s quotes on the collection, given backstage on that day in September.

“We want to talk more about style than fashion… About a way of wearing things. Stripping everything back... The feeling at the moment is about ‘too much,’ too much of everything, too much. There’s also a call not to produce, not to consume. In this atmosphere I tried to, firstly, to do less, even though I’m not sure I was able to because when you do fashion, fashion slips through your hands.

“I’ve always [known] that clearly, the person is more important… I myself dress up my bottom half and not the upper half because I want to be free… I don’t want frills; otherwise I’m not able to think… It is fundamentally a collection about the power of women over clothing, and of style over fashion.”

Hair: Ryan Mitchell at Streeters Using Bumble and Bumble. Make-Up: Siobhan Furlong at LGA Management Using Mac. Model: Mona Tougaard at the Society. Casting: Noah Shelley at Streeters. Set Design: Thomas Bird at Bryant Artists. Manicure: Saffron Goddard at Saint Luke Using Hand Cream by Byredo. Digital Tech: Jimmy Donelan. Photographic Assistants: Marco Torri and Barney Curran. Dop: Sam Hooper at Ko Represents. Styling Assistants: Molly Shillingford and Rosie Borgerhoff Mulder. Hair Assistant: Kirsten Bassett. Make-Up Assistant: Kite Chuang. Set-Design Assistants: Henry Hatton-Brown, Aubrey Jackson Blake and Ibby Njoya. Production: Artistry. Production Assistant: Gerard Markes. Post-Production: David Turner at Mcd Creative. 

This story originally featured in AnOther Magazine Spring/Summer 2020, which is on sale internationally now.