This Serum (by Meghan Markle’s Facialist) Is Indulgent and Glow-Enhancing

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Sarah Chapman’s Platinum Stem Cell ElixirPhotography by Lola & Pani, Set Design by Hella Keck

Sarah Chapman’s hardworking serum doesn’t scrimp on the romance of pampering – and packs in ingredients that boost radiance and brightness, for an undeniable glow

PhotographyLola & PaniSet DesignHella KeckTextSophie Bew

From the niche new beauty brands doing something different, to the industry’s evergreen icons, Sophie Bew opens up AnOther’s dream vanity in a new series

  1. Who should use it? Skincare-savvy shoppers who want one all-singing all-dancing serum
  2. How long until I love it? One use
  3. How planet-/people-friendly is it? No parabens, no animal testing but not easily recyclable packaging
  4. How do I use it? A couple of pumps in the palm should then be massaged into skin

There are a million serums – but while I ply my face with many of them gleefully there are only a few that really sing on one’s skin. Sarah Chapman’s Platinum Stem Cell Elixir is one of those rarefied few. Of course, this is perhaps unsurprising given that Chapman gave Meghan Markle that glow on her somewhat documented wedding day – this is what she’s known for. But back to the product. Firstly, there’s the texture: a slippery serum – like they should be – that sinks straight in but with the plump finish of a divine oil. This is in no doubt thanks to the sumptuous GLA omega fatty acids involved, derived from plants. 

Which brings us to the other cosmeceutical active ingredients – because this little lotion is loaded with them. There are the botanical stem cells of its namesake; they boast antioxidant effects, proven to protect skin stem cells from UV-induced oxidative stress, inhibit inflammation, neutralise free radicals and reverse the effects of photoageing, as well as reverse some UV-induced damage. Then there’s collagen-boosting peptides, a specially formulated time-release vitamin A to reduce signs of ageing, vitamin C to boost radiance and brightness. It’s one very hardworking cocktail of glow-enhancing deliciousness.

But there’s also the intoxicating white floral scent – orange blossom, tuberose and jasmine – though I would argue that this isn’t the icing on the cake, it’s in fact the narrative arc of the whole shebang. Because this heady fragrance, combined with the formula’s texture and potent effects makes for a 360-degree indulgent experience. Unlike many excellent, expert-driven science-heavy brands, this item isn’t scrimping on the romance of pampering. And in this new age silver, light- and air-proof pump, it’s also rather chic.