Collini Collaborates with Danish Artist Asger Carlsen

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Collini Milano FW19_20 Campaign BREAK THE RULES 2
Collini Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign

The Italian fashion house has unveiled its A/W19 campaign, which was created in partnership with Asger Carlsen

Born in Denmark and now based in the United States, Asger Carlsen is a world-renowned visual artist. Toying with ideas of surrealism, he uses found digital imagery as his raw material, fashioning these visuals into something new and exciting, as a potter might with clay.

Italian brand Collini decided to collaborate with Carlsen on its Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign which, though glamourous, bears something of Carlsen’s surreal and, dare we say it, unsettling signature.

Actually, the brand and artist share some similarities in terms of their creative outlook: “The work of Carlsen is also an experimentation that breaks the rules: of physics, of anatomy and of optics,” says the label. “This is very Collini because what we do is to try to break the rules of the segregation between genders, man and woman, we created this fluid style, that goes from women to men but also the other way around and we try to create this style of contamination of aesthetic codes.”

One image depicts a pair in suits – one cut from a metallic pink cloth, the other from a flurorescent animal print – while another features a woman’s face, manipulated so that her lips appear duplicated over her eyes.

Embodying an off-kilter kind of glamour, these images highlight Collini’s rule-breaking attitude and gender-fluid style.