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Recens Paper Archive Elise By Olsen Magazine Spreads
Recens Paper ArchiveCourtesy of Elise By Olsen

Elise By Olsen: Inside the Recens Paper Archive

A look at Elise By Olsen’s first-ever publication, Recens Paper, featuring some of her favourite spreads digitised here for the very first time

Lead ImageRecens Paper ArchiveCourtesy of Elise By Olsen

This week, 19-year-old Norwegian editor and publisher Elise By Olsen (Recens PaperWallet) is the guest editor of, presenting a series of articles exploring the current and future state of fashion and art publishing. Alongside conversations with publishers, critics and image-makers, this guest edit offers an intimate insight into her own publications and working practice.

In 2012, I founded my first ever publication, Recens Paper. It was a 200-270 page biannual title, in print only, with a means to provide a platform to bring global youth’s creative narratives onto newsstands. A by-kids-for-kids operation making room for new young voices to emerge and continue to define culture on their own terms, despite the climate in which it existed. In that way, it was ideological and activistic – a call-to-arms. Published across seven issues and featuring contributions from over 500 young people from all around the world – nearly all of them under 25 – Recens Paper found both an audience and a community.

When I turned 18, I decided to step away from the magazine to maintain the premise of the project; a platform created by and for kids. I no longer felt suitable for that role, I thought that my involvement in the publication was becoming inauthentic and I was at risk of exploiting youth culture. I wasn’t sure what I could say about youth culture when I was no longer a young person myself and refused to occupy that position out of ego. I felt that my time at Recens Paper had come to an end. So it was a conscious decision – a symbol, rather than gesture. I wanted my departure to mark the importance of a constantly renewing creative scene.

Here, I look back at my five years at the helm of Recens Paper and my collaboration with art director Morteza Vaseghi by digitising some of my favourite spreads from each of the seven issues for the very first time.