Colombe D’Humières’ Jewellery Is Going to Be a Future Fashion Relic

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Another Loves Colombe D’humieres Jewellery Andrew Nuding
Silver tangled choker and silver embossed bangle by Colombe D’humieresPhotography by Andrew Nuding, Styling by Nicola Neri

Brutal and beautiful, Colombe d’Humières makes jewellery of an altogether different kind

PhotographyAndrew NudingStylingNicola NeriTextJack Moss

Parisian jewellery is typically known for glamour and refinement – a swing around the vaunted haute joaillerie salons of the Place Vendôme will tell you as much – but across the city, Colombe d’Humières is making jewellery of an altogether different kind: her pieces look as if dug up from the earth, or descended from another planet entirely. A necklace might appear to be made from claws, or bones; pendants – whether whirling Celtic twists or battered crucifixes – are like amulets, made to to ward away evil spirits; her rings, neolithic treasures. 

D’Humières learned her craft in the environs of Central Saint Martins, though the French designer has since relocated back to her home country, where she runs a studio in the capital. There, she works energetically on strange new forms: a mouthpiece, like contorted animal’s teeth, for Cecily Ophelia’s BA collection; or a pendant, as if made from welded together from silver keys. They are brutal and beautiful at once, but precious too: each bears the distinct imprint of D’Humières’ hand.

A silver ‘tangled’ choker and embossed bangle seem to best encapsulate her freewheeling craft: they are like relics, appearing from the future and past at once. 

Hair: Hirokazu Endo using Bumble & Bumble. Make-up: Mattie White using Lord & Berry. Model: Priscilla Cheseaux at Storm Management. Casting: Troy Casting at D+V Management. Set design: Laura Little. Manicure: Robbie Tomkins at Premier. Photographic assistants: Ellen Egan. Styling assistants: Priyanka Makwana, Sarah Carone, Grace Naef and Antoine Caballero. Set-design assistants: Frank Styles.