This Martine Rose T-Shirt is a Lot More Than Just a T-Shirt

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Another Loves Martine Rose Acne Studios Andrew Nuding
Priscilla is wearing a cotton acid wash t-shirt by Martine Rose. Long-sleeved top with silk crochet trims and cotton ribbed trousers by Acne Studios. Gurage tribal necklace with wood beads, horn pendants and bronze bells from Pebble LondonPhotography by Andrew Nuding, Styling by Nicola Neri

Martine Rose’s acid-wash T-shirt captures the unburdened energy of the 1990s

PhotographyAndrew NudingStylingNicola NeriTextJack Moss

Martine Rose’s Spring/Summer 2019 show was held in a surburban cul-de-sac in London’s Kentish Town last summer. The street’s inhabitants peered out of their windows or held impromptu gatherings in their front gardens, drinking wine; playing children circulated among the attendees, who watched on from plastic lawn chairs. Rose called it her “ode to London” and the energy of the unfolding scene – set against a perfect summer evening – proved just how much could be gained by taking the familiar out of context.

That might just be the raison d'être of the Martine Rose brand: in her hands, things that you had never previously considered – square-toed loafers, fluoro biker pants, lycra cycling shorts – will suddenly embed in the mind like a sartorial earworm; meanwhile others, which you have seen and worn over and over again – hoodies, sweatpants, jeans and the like – are suddenly spun off their axis, elongated, supersized or twisted at the seams, until near-unrecognisable. 

An acid-wash T-shirt might well encompass all of this at once: hers, in brooding coral, with a contorted ‘Martine Rose’ logo barely visible on the left-hand side, conjures the heady days of 1990s rave, and the unburdened youth who partook (Rose herself remembers watching her older siblings dressing up for day-long parties on Clapham Common). Back then, you might have made, dyed, cut and pinned your clothes yourself; now, Rose will undertake the hard work for you. And yet that raw DIY spirit remains: her clothes seem to have already lived a life of their own. 

Hair: Hirokazu Endo using Bumble & Bumble. Make-up: Mattie White using Lord & Berry. Model: Priscilla Cheseaux at Storm Management. Casting: Troy Casting at D+V Management. Set design: Laura Little. Manicure: Robbie Tomkins at Premier. Photographic assistants: Ellen Egan. Styling assistants: Priyanka Makwana, Sarah Carone, Grace Naef and Antoine Caballero. Set-design assistants: Frank Styles.