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Vivienne is wearing a polka-dot wool coat and polka-dot silk scarf by Max MaraPhotography by Tim Elkaïm, Styling by Agata Belcen & Nell Kalonji

Five Ways to Wear a Headwrap This Summer

From muted tones to quintessential printed silk, Nell Kalonji and Agata Belcen style the headscarf in five different ways

Lead ImageVivienne is wearing a polka-dot wool coat and polka-dot silk scarf by Max MaraPhotography by Tim Elkaïm, Styling by Agata Belcen & Nell Kalonji

The headscarf – or headwrap – has been worn by women the world over from the Roman era to present day; an item of clothing loaded with religious, ethnic and political significance, alongside existing as a functional and decorative garment. The headscarf can be modest or immodest, simple or extravagant, a symbol of identity or an act of defiance. In fashion and popular culture, it has been worn by the likes of Erykah Badu and Madonna, supermodel Iman or recent hijabi model Halima Aden.

Synonymous with the glamour of Hollywood, a silk headscarf also conjures visions of Audrey Hepburn and Princess Grace of Monaco, sauntering down Sunset Boulevard in dark lenses or sailing the French Riviera; just as it does of Coronation Street’s Hilda Ogden, hair rollers in tow, puffing on a lit cigarette as she nosily peeks her head around a doorframe into the biting Salford air. 

Yves Saint Laurent had a passionate love affair with the headwrap, spurned from his obsession with the city of Marrakesh (and Loulou de Falaise). As did Gianni Versace, with his sister Donatella resurrecting the Versace head covering for the house’s A/W18 and S/S19 collections. The latter of which is presented here, styled by Nell Kalonji and Agata Belcen and shot by Tim Elkaim for AnOther Magazine’s latest issue. Read on to see how to wear it, with four other headscarves added into the mix. 

1. Muted (above)

Max Mara’s simple cotton polka-dot headscarf in muted tones of black and brown – tied to mimic the shape of a headband so that any hair is swept away from your forehead – is a simple solution for warm summer days. 

2. Lace

Well, broderie anglaise, to be exact. Tightly pull Faliero Sarti’s delicate scarf over the crown of your head before tying it at the back with a nonchalant knot. 

3. Voluminous

Rather than follow in Gianni and Donatella’s footsteps by using a scarf to create a streamlined silhouette, loosely drape a Versace scarf over your temples, tie at the nape of your neck and pin it in place for sculptural, dramatic volume. 

4. Cashmere

Twist two scarves together – these striped and neon green iterations by Faliero Sarti will do the trick – to form a cashmere crown. 

5. Classic

Nothing is more classic than an Hermès silk twill scarf with quintessential prints.

Hair: Kiyoko Odo at Bryant Artists using Tigi Copyright. Make-up: Siobhan Furlong at LGA Management. Models: Jamily Meurer at Established Models, Kerolyn Soares at IMG London and Vivienne Rohner at The Squad Management. Casting: Noah Shelley at Streeters. Set design: Suzanne Beirne at D+V Management. Digital tech: Florent-Sinan Brunel. Photographic assistants: Anthony Seklaoui and Andrew Moores. Styling assistants: Rebecca Perlmutar, Nicola Neri, Molly Shillingford, Benedetta Baruffi and Shakirra Mae. Hair assistant: Mirai Uejo. Make-up assistant: Eddy Liu. Set-design assistant: Camilla Byles. Production: Meghan Hanson at The Collective Shift. Post-production: JRM Digital

This story originally featured in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of AnOther Magazine which is on sale internationally now.