The Tiffany T Collection Reimagined in Four Abstract Still Lifes

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Photography by Matthieu Lavanchy, Styling by Chloe Grace Press

Exploring the contrast between Tiffany’s architectural jewellery and the natural elements we encounter every day

The still life – whether a painting, photograph, or tableau of ready-made objects – celebrates life’s material pleasures. It salutes colour, evokes scent, and invites the viewer to imagine how it might be to reach out and touch – or taste, for that matter – the objects in front of them. It is a perfect contradiction in terms: the inanimate, while remaining totally inert, is no longer lifeless on the page. Here, these four abstract still lifes reimagine the Tiffany T Collection in a new way; architectural, clean lines of bracelets, rings and pendants crafted in 18k gold, juxtapose with the waxy surface of a tulip leaf; the voluptuous bulb of a cherry; or the seductive glint of a soft crème caramel, almost wobbling as though it were on a plate in front of you. 

1. The linear structure of the Tiffany T True bracelet and Tiffany T Two ring sit adjacent to the scalloped edge of a gelatinous dessert. (Above)

2. Draped across a stem richly pigmented with chlorophyll lies the Tiffany T smile pendant; beside it the Tiffany T Two circle pendant, studded with diamonds.

3. The coarse surfaces of an eggshell, a seashell and the shard of a cherry stem contrast with the Tiffany T square bracelet and Tiffany T wire bracelet.

4. Three Tiffany T rings float on a white sea beneath towering glasses of spring water, which appear like crystal-clear glaciers.

The Tiffany T collection is available in store and online now.

Set Design: Amy Stickland at Webber.