A List of Things to Buy Over Pisces Season

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AnOther Magazine Autumn/Winter 2018 Photography by Chris Rhodes, Styling by Chloe Grace Press

A luxury shopping guide for the most imaginative of signs

From Monday through to March 20, the sun will transition through the oldest sign of the Zodiac, Pisces. Ruled by Neptune, those who fall under this water sign are defined by a creative and contagious energy. “You may find yourself reflecting more on the past or getting caught up in daydreams. Your imagination will probably run wild during this time, or you could experience vivid dreams,” explains astrologer Alice Bell to AnOther. “You’re easily able to pick up on the energies of other people, so you may find yourself wanting to be alone to recharge.” Here, a shopping list to indulge your inner Piscean.

1. Appeal to a Piscean’s love for the visual arts with this Prada cashmere sweater – the psychedelic geometric print nods to their creative nature, and will last you through the last cold months of winter. 

2. Attracted to the dreamy and otherworldly, Pisceans will love anything that transcends the mundane, like this pair of Balenciaga purple metallic pumps. Plus: purple is a Piscean’s lucky colour. 

3. One of Thomas Struth’s most significant bodies of work to date, Nature & Politics – published by MACK Books – explores various strands of the German photographer’s visual research. Purchase for yourself, or gift a Piscean to satisfy their need for escapism. 

4. Jewellery enthusiasts should add these Marni crinkled earrings to their wishlist – presented as part of the house’s colourful Resort 2019 offering, they encapsulate Pisceans’ artistic flair. 

5. Encompassing The Row’s minimalist yet feminine aesthetic, the brand’s Ascot teal clutch is a must whatever the season, but Pisceans’ love for aquatic colours makes for a perfect purchase excuse now. 

6. Despite being known for their sociable qualities, a Piscean will always need some time alone – this Diptyque herbal scented candle, which can be used inside and outside, will set the tone for much-needed privacy and relaxation. 

7. Returning once again to Pisceans’ lucky colour, we’ll be investing in this Prada purple nylon wash bag – fill it with make-up and beauty products when you travel. 

8. When they’re not being altruistic, Pisceans will pride themselves on beauty and self-care. Scented with traditional Indian flower heads like Jaimala garlands, this Byredo body lotion keeps skin hydrated all year round.