What to Wear on Valentine’s Day, Inspired by 1990s Fashion Campaigns

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Prada A/W98Photography by Norbert Schoerner

Whether you’re celebrating alone or amorously intertwined with a partner, take a style cue from these five campaigns

Today is supposedly the most romantic day of the year, when lovers worldwide solidify their sincere commitment to one another by the exchanging of flowers panic bought from a BP garage on the way home from work, chocolates hurriedly purchased from Thorntons (or Hotel Chocolat, if you’re lucky) and frightening displays of Ann Summers lingerie on beds strewn with rose petals.

If acrylic lace knickers with questionably placed cut-outs aren’t your bag, however, there are other ways of sartorially celebrating Valentine’s Day whether it be alone or amourously intertwined with a partner. Here, we present a guide to dressing for the big night, inspired by 1990s fashion campaigns

1. The singles skirt-suit, inspired by Angela Lindvall for Prada A/W98 (above)

Here, Lindvall stares into her hands with a far-off look, seemingly pining for someone she cannot have (or merely questioning why she has just been ghosted for the 900th time in a row). But with a powerful, claret-hued Prada skirt-suit like that, who needs a man anyway?

2. The unadulterated romantic, like Milla Jovovich for Anna Molinari, A/W98 

Dressed for the Italian opera – or perhaps as the Italian opera – Jovovich is absolutely and unashamedly here for Valentine’s Day festivities. Designer Anna Molinari is also rather romantically nicknamed The Queen of Roses, which seems entirely fitting, don’t you think? 

3. Accessorise with a hand-fan, like Kate Moss for Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche S/S93

Ms. Moss’ dramatic, black YSL Rive Gauche ensemble comes replete with a hand-fan for necessary aeration when St. Valentine’s passion simply runs too high. 

4. Self-gifted, Like Yasmeen Ghauri for Chanel 1990

In the words of Ariana Grande in her recent hit single instilling the virtues of singledom and capitalism, 7 Rings: “Yeah, breakfast at Tiffany’s and bottles of bubbles; Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble; Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines; Buy myself all of my favourite things (Yeah).” Well, we wager that Yasmeen Ghauri definitely bought this red Chanel suit jacket for herself in a similar vein.

5. With a naked man, like Christy Turlington for Gianni Versace A/W95

I mean she’s Christy Turlington, for god’s sake! Let her do whatever she wants.