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What to Buy Your Loved One for Christmas, According to Their Star Sign

Let the personality traits of each zodiac sign dictate your Christmas shopping. Here, we present a comprehensive guide to buying according to astrology

Lead ImageCourtesy of Zeitgeist Films


The element of earth is associated with the signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. If the four elements are said to form the natural world, there’s no doubt that Earth signs are definitely the ‘builders’ of the Zodiac – they’re grounded, pragmatic and reliable. Taureans, Virgoans and Capricornians don’t like risks, they like perfect plans. As the long-term thinkers of the Zodiac, they prefer to start with a solid foundation and then steadily grow in all areas of their lives, be it friendships, romantic relationships or career moves. 

With an eye for beauty and a particular attachment to material possessions, your Taurean loved ones are likely to enjoy Sies Marjan’s metallic shearling jacket, or Shrimps’ gold beaded bag. Virgoans’ unmatched minimalism will be complemented by Jacquemus’ linen shirt-dress and The Row’s pointed mules, while workaholic Capricornians will be obsessed with the corporate uniform: go for Prada neon pink pumps or Gucci geek-chic frames


Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are represented by the element of air, which rules the third, seventh and eleventh houses. These are the clever and analytical signs, those who fall under them having the finest problem-solving skills of all. Sometimes you don’t see them or hear them, but they’re surprisingly the most sociable signs of the Zodiac. Their breezy outlook appears when their life balance is disturbed, or they don’t communicate like they should – that’s when their inner air element turns cold. 

For a Geminian’s frenetic dual personality, you can’t go wrong with a Matty Bovan patchwork top or a pair of two-tone Helmut Lang cowboy boots hand-painted by Sarah Morris to perfectly complement their double-faced personality. Librans are seduced by the pretty, so a Moncler x Simone Rocha embroidered jacket or Molly Goddard’s pink taffeta gown are safe bets. As for Aquarians, they’re the creative ones: these Jacquemus sculptural pumps or Charles Jeffrey Loverboy spray-painted jumper should be go-tos. 


Ruling the first, fifth and ninth Houses, the fire element is attached to Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs are lively, bold and spontaneous, and boredom is definitely not what you’re going to remember about them – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are always the life of the party, equally passionate and intense. But just like a fire, these signs can burn too quickly: their ego can take over and they can lose interest easily. 

For Ariens, think eccentricity: Gucci’s crystal-embellished pendant or Richard Quinn’s floral and polka-dot printed top will satisfy their individualistic self. Leos live a lavish life – Alighieri Baby Lion earrings to Junya Watanabe leopard print coat are welcome nods to their sign’s symbolic lion. Sagittarians like to explore, so go for something that lends itself to life on the move, like this Prada tweed cap or See By Chloé shearling backpack


Water represents the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, and also rules the fourth, eighth and twelfth Houses. These signs are the emotional bunch: their feelings come above all, making them sensitive and compassionate. Cancerians, Scorpios and Pisceans need security and stability, and they feel the most accomplished when helping others. Much like water, though, they can be too deep. Watch out for mood swings – and over-emotional moments. 

Cancers like to be in cosy, safe spaces, so Prada shearling slides and La Perla’s silk robe will make them feel right at home. Don’t be afraid to make fun of a Scorpio’s spiky personality – gift them a pair of sharp Balenciaga spike-embellished pumps or Prada flame sunglasses. Pisceans like art and everything that’s aesthetically beautiful: John Booth’s hand-painted vase or Marni’s geometric trousers make for perfect festive gifts.