Five Ways to Style Knitwear, Inspired by 1990s Campaigns

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1Stephanie Seymour for Gianni Versace, 1994
Gianni Versace, 1994Photography by Richard Avedon

Forgo the ugly Christmas jumper with these styling tips to see you through December and beyond

While a Christmas jumper can be a thing of seasonal joy (we’d be happy to receive any of these menswear iterations from Another Man under the tree this year) for some, the idea of pulling on a piece of itchy knitwear – that looks as though it might have been worn by Delia Smith circa 1984 – is not their idea of festive fun.

If you are part of the latter group, look no further than our selection of 1990s knitwear styling tips, as inspired by some of the decade’s fashion campaigns. From pastel angora turtlenecks by Gianni Versace paired with metallic leather, to Gisele Bündchen in Michael Kors-era Celine, there isn’t a Rudolf or Santa Claus motif in sight. 

1. With metallic leather inspired by Nadja Auermann, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Stephanie Seymour for Gianni Versace, 1994

Emulate one of the most enduring fashion images of the 1990s, with fuzzy, pastel angora sweaters teamed with a leather skirt. A metallic finish is preferable, as is a matching pair of heeled loafers and rolled-down sock. 

2. With a barely-there scarf and vest like Audrey Marnay for Miu Miu, A/W97 

A barely-there, knitted vest works wonders with a delicately knitted scarf for lounging around the house on this Christmas. To avoid inevitable chills, layer over a turtleneck. 

3. Ribbed like Kate Moss for Banana Republic, A/W92

An oversized ribbed jumper is the height of preppy sophistication, much like Kate Moss in this 1992 campaign for Banana Republic (baseball accessories not included).  

4. Windswept like Gisele for Celine, A/W99

With gale force winds and rain currently raging across the United Kingdom, channel Gisele Bündchen in a chunky cream polo-neck and monogrammed pochette, making inclement conditions work to her hair’s advantage. 

5. Hooded like Maggie Rizer for Celine, S/S99

A lightweight, hooded sweater dress will see you through December and beyond. Best worn now with snow-proof boots and a puffer jacket, but stripped down to just a pair of sandals for the warmer months ahead: they can’t come soon enough.