Warholian Polaroids of Jeremy Scott Taken in the 1990s

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Jeremy Scott Polaroid 7
Courtesy of Jeremy Scott

The brand’s S/S19 show featured archival polaroids of its founder. Here, we exclusively publish the original images, alongside Scott’s memories of each

Andy Warhol is one of Jeremy Scott’s most enduring influences, heavily referenced in his namesake brand and his creative direction at Moschino alike. (Previous collections have included Coca-Cola-esque typography, or models painted the acrid shades of a Jackie O screenprint.) For Jeremy Scott S/S19, which debuted in New York earlier this week, Warholian tropes remained central to the collection – through repeated motifs on intarsia-knit sweaters, an ample dose of Americana and buzzwords such as ‘RIOT’, ‘POWER’, ‘SEX’ and ‘HOPE’ plastered across twin-sets in cartoonish fonts, Scott paid homage Pop Art’s most iconic figurehead once more. 

The designer also made allusions to Warhol’s use of the Polaroid camera as a tool for self-documentation, incorporating archival images of himself in various states of experimental dress, taken in 1996, a year before he showed his first ever collection in Paris. They appeared on tote bags, floor-length dresses, hooded jumpers and skirts, and one couldn’t help but think of Warhol’s 1981 series titled Self-Portraits in Drag. Here, we exclusively publish the original images featured in the S/S19 show, alongside Scott’s memories of each.


“This was my Pris from Blade Runner inspired look. It was a penny copper wig I found in the trash and I loved the ‘fright wig’ Warhol aspect of it.”

Night Out

“This is me doing my make-up in a car parked outside a party in Belgium. Mixing purples and pinks with orange and yellow hair. I’m wrapped in a blanket and was wearing an early-80s Madonna Like a Virgin T-shirt. This was more of a casual look for me.”

Clear Plastic Green Tint Trench

“This was a night that I felt too tired to put my make-up on, so I chose to do a knitted mask and thigh-high leg warmers and just tighty-whities. I’m wearing platform sandals I designed made of white Lego.”

Fishnet Face

“This look was inspired by the way the women from the Moulin Rouge look in Toulouse Lautrec’s paintings. I had yellow hair and was wearing a matching yellow feather bolero. Purple eyeshadow on my lips and turquoise eyeshadow I applied with my fingers, and then I covered my face with a blue fishnet scarf to further obscure the overall effect.”

Dead Flapper

“This was my ‘Dead Flapper’ look. I created a ‘hickey’ necklace with my eyeshadows like I had been loved to death! I topped it with a rhinestone choker, put rhinestone clip-ons in my mouth on the side of the lips, and glued flat-back crystals on my head into my marcel finger waves with eyelash glue.”

Back of My Head

“This is a shot of the back of my head with my yellow hair shaved into a multi-layered mohawk situation, with the flat-back crystals glued to my head.”