Ten Reasons to Buy AnOther Magazine A/W18

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Fearless femininity and elemental power – the new issue arrives on shelves this Thursday

Enter the Fearless issue: a brave new world in which creative provocateurs explore raw femininity and generations of artists consider elemental beauty and power. The theme is built around director Luca Guadagnino’s much-anticipated and long-awaited blood-soaked homage to Dario Argento’s cult horror classic Suspiria. The film’s four female leads – Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson, Mia Goth and Chloë Grace Moretz – each feature on the cover of AnOther Magazine, alongside exclusive in-depth profiles unpacking their relationship to the film’s themes, the genre of horror, and themselves. This issue is an exploration of fearlessness in all its forms, the force of the feminine and the power of mothers great and terrible.

Tremble, tremble – the witches are back!

1. Be inspired by inadvertent rule-breaker Tilda Swinton. This year sees the actress fulfil a key role in Suspiria, which she’s been discussing with Luca Guadagnino for 25 years. “I don’t really recognise a particular fearlessness in myself. Maybe I simply have an extremely low boredom threshold and want to keep myself amused by putting things into play that I haven’t seen before,” Swinton says. Here, the artist is photographed by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Olivier Rizzo.

2. Delve into the diverse and extraordinary worlds of Swinton’s co-stars as described in their own words to Ben Cobb. Dakota Johnson plays Susie Bannion in Guadagnino’s Suspiria, a role that invited her to explore the both enticing and wild universe of sisterhood. “So often today we’re caught up in social media, where everyone is flashing themselves and trying to look beautiful, skinny and whatever but feeling insecure, but these girls showed me a side of femininity that is really strong and sensual and in touch, connected.” Here, photographed by Craig McDean and styled by Katie Shillingford, Johnson embodies the history of cinema and her Hollywood heritage as Guadagnino says, “with her own self, with her own being, without having to thank anybody”.

3. Be immersed in the transformative power of dance, which Mia Goth explored in preparation for her role as Sara in Suspiria. She talks about working with choreographer Damien Jalet, who “wanted the dance sequences to be sensual and feminine but without any sexuality – there is no sense of a male gaze on these moving bodies, it’s not provocative or voyeuristic. When you were doing it, you didn’t feel exposed or like you were being put on a pedestal in any way. It was actually very empowering learning the moves and performing the routines. I think the fact that it leaned in toward the more grotesque side of things made it more feminine, in a way. It made it real, it made it raw, it made it wild.” Goth is photographed by Viviane Sassen and styled by Katie Shillingford.

4. Embrace the force of horror like Chloë Grace Moretz, photographed for AnOther Magazine by Collier Schorr and styled by Katie Shillingford, in the last of this quadruple-bill portfolio of fearless talent. At just 21 years old and with almost 50 acting roles under her belt, Moretz’ career is in full flight. She talks about her favourite genre and its roots: “I love folklore... You know, why do you fear the woods? From reading folklore. That’s where we get half of our references from as a modern society. Horror is the same idea, just in motion-picture form. What’s interesting about Suspiria is that the story is something you might have seen before – it’s about a coven of witches; we’ve seen lots of movies about that – but the execution of that idea is like nothing you’ve ever seen. The femininity that is used to express the witches’ rituals is so, so different and intoxicating.”

5. Explore the legacy of designer Yohji Yamamoto whose clothes captured the hearts of the avant garde in an age of coquettish Parisian glamour in the 80s. Of his 1981 Paris debut, Susannah Frankel writes: “Stripped of all sound but an amplified heartbeat and peopled with pale-faced models wearing oversized black shapes peppered with holes, its impact was seismic. That is perhaps why it was dubbed by some, clearly struggling to comprehend and with quite astounding insensitivity, ‘Hiroshima chic’. Other more enlightened editors hailed Yamamoto’s entrance onto the international stage as a grand new dawn.” Through the words of the revolutionary himself, as well as devotees such as Wim Wenders, Charlotte Rampling and Naomi Campbell and his many collaborators, understand the philosophy that underpins his mark on the industry. Yamamoto’s manifold and diverse collections are presented anew photographed by David Sims and styled by Katy England.

6. Unravel the endless threads of Yves Saint Laurent’s impact on designers, no better illustrated than in this season’s collections as photographed by Nick Knight and styled by Katie Shillingford. “When a designer creates anything, from a leather jacket, to a trouser suit, to a coloured fur coat, it inevitably touches on Saint Laurent – because Saint Laurent was, invariably, the first,” writes Alexander Fury.

7. Indulge in heartfelt fashion, as celebrated by Colin Dodgson and Jane How with Even at the Turning of the Tide, by Johnny Dufort and Lotta Volkova with A Hit, a Palpable Hit, and by Jack Davison and Nell Kalonji with Love All, Trust a Few, Do Wrong to None.

8. Connect to our collective visual language with Thomas Demand and architect Elizabeth Diller in conversation for Art Project. The artist explores his fascination with models in this unveiling of the latest chapter of his Model Series in dialogue with Diller, exclusively for AnOther Magazine: “I think the model is a completely underexposed cultural need. We always talk about iconoclasm, we talk about pictures replacing text. The internet completely depends on pictures now – text is actually in the way, and shouldn’t be more than 280 characters. What’s really behind that is we model our world because it’s too complex to understand it.”

9. Get lost in director Luca Guadagnino’s rich and varied world of references on which his long-awaited Suspiria was built. Of his choice of texts for Document he says: “These writings were an important part of my personal upbringing. For me, they represent a source of study and work and inspiration, but I think they speak for themselves.” From Sigmund Freud to Viktor Klemperer and Rainer Werner Fassbinder, this capacious selection of texts sheds light on the literary influences within his latest work.

10. Read Dev Hynes exalting the poet Essex Hemphill; Lou Doillon on the historic female characters who emboldened her; Suspiria choreographer Damien Jalet explaining a dangerous Japanese ritual that entrances him; and artist Jake Chapman on his newfound love of yoga – in AnOther Thing I Wanted to Tell You... shot by Senta Simond and styled by Nell Kalonji.

The Autumn/Winter 2018 issue of AnOther Magazine will be on sale internationally from September 13, 2018.