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charles jeffrey 1
Charles Jeffrey Loverboy S/S19. Imagery by Marianne Wilson

Five Looks From the Menswear Shows, Fit For the Adventurous Woman

There was inspiration aplenty for the sartorially inclined woman at the Spring/Summer 2019 menswear shows

TextJack MossIllustrationMarianne Wilson
Lead ImageCharles Jeffrey Loverboy S/S19. Imagery by Marianne Wilson

Though the name might deceive, the recent slew of menswear shows were not intended for the attention of men alone. The month-long schedule, spanning London, Florence, Milan and Paris, included plenty to pique the interest of the sartorially inclined woman – and not simply for those who love to co-opt an oufit intended for a man. For Spring/Summer 2019, designers showed increasingly complete propositions for a woman’s wardrobe among their menswear offerings. Here, as men’s fashion month draws to a close, the best of those looks – and where the modern woman might choose to wear them.

1. Charles Jeffrey

Clothing for interplanetary jaunts may seem a far-off prospect for most – bar perhaps, Elon Musk – but Charles Jeffrey’s sci-fi Xanadu, post-gender Shangri-La of a S/S19 collection seems like suitably galactic apparel should the occasion come about. (The catwalk was replete with writhing, body stocking-clad aliens – providing possible attire for those thinking of going native when the time comes.) We would suggest though, initially at least, wearing the above a little closer to home. Perhaps for a spot of back garden stargazing, or, more befitting with Jeffrey’s Pagan leanings, evening-time moon worship.

2. Rottingdean Bazaar

Gardening can be a somewhat tedious pursuit, so you’d would be well advised to pick a cheerful get-up to tend your plot in – not all of us can approach the humble vest top and wellington boots with the joie de vivre of Ground Force’s Charlie Dimmock. And what more cheerful choice than from seaside-dwelling British duo Rottingdean Bazaar? Their S/S19 show was not quite a collection at all, but a line-up of hired dressing-up costumes from across the country – spanning a pumpkin, a ghost, a caterpillar and a globe – accompanied with “For Rent” placards detailing the fancy-dress shop from which they were procured. Most appealing for green-fingered pursuits? The worm, which will see you blended in with your garden and its inhabitants.

3. Dsquared2 

Usually we would not advise exiting a plane in a full Dsquared2 look – terminal velocity tends to play havoc with a garment – but this dress, shown as part of the brand’s co-ed S/S19 show, proves an exception to the rule. Jump from any great height in it and you will likely find its alternative use as a chic parachute perfect for quick exits from unwanted encounters in enclosed spaces (planes, helicopters, rooftop bars, et cetera). A soft landing will be possible thanks to those shoes, which answer the age-old question: what would the love child of a stiletto and a Teva sandal look like? (Note: do not try this at home.)

4. GmbH 

Appropriately entitled Survival Strategies, GmbH’s S/S19 collection was a paean to the potential of a wardrobe fit for an apocalyse – and the brand’s fullest selection of womenswear yet. The duo’s combat pants and PVC trousers will prove perfect for tackling your local assault course and rehearsing for dystopian futures ahead (a bonus: PVC is wipe clean), while the slightly less practical heels and disco blouse will ensure that, when facing possible annihilation, you are sure to go out in style.

5. Versace

Trips to the local newsagents can be dangerous territory – there are plenty of people to avoid while picking up a Toffee Crisp and a can of Vimto. Naturally, we advocate dressing up for such occasions – particularly if you can do so in Versace. Not only does this look come with a welcome dose of Donatella-brand glamour (who else would ensure that each of the knee-high denim boots comes with its very own belt loops?) but if you are short of reading material, all you need do is look down towards your chest.