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JuliaPhotography by Tobias Willman, Styling by Jayme Miller

Six Berlin-Based Women, Wearing Clothes They Love

Photographer Tobias Willmann and stylist Jayme Miller set out on the streets of Berlin to photograph its innately stylish inhabitants

Lead ImageJuliaPhotography by Tobias Willman, Styling by Jayme Miller

Berlin might not be the most aesthetically attractive of cities, but it is an alluring one nonetheless. From its inhabitants and art to its music and fashion, a unique expression of individual freedom pervades all aspects of the German capital, and remains one of its most significant attributes. It can be identified on graffiti-covered concrete walls, and in the way one weekend melts into the next – but the city’s innate nonchalance is also reflected in the style of those living in it. An anything-goes attitude is, it seems, the only must-have each season.

When Canadian stylist Jayme Miller moved to Berlin from London in 2016, she started noticing a particular aesthetic in the women around her; they seemed to share a simple, relaxed timelessness, and an assured understanding of their own identities. Inspired, Miller she embarked on a photo series, with her friend Tobias Willmann, which would visualise the individual and distinctive styles of seven women she knew.

They chose subjects they felt inspired by, both “in terms of the way they present themselves physically, and their character,” Miller explains, discovering them through an extended circle of friends and on Instagram. Miller styled them in a mixture of vintage and her own pieces, and Willmann captured them in beautiful, mundane or extraordinary spots around the city. “They are united by a clear vision of who they are and how they would like to present themselves,” she continues, “and that vision has been developed in part by the city of Berlin, which has been a key element in each of their lives.”