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Hannah is wearing a nylon tartan dress and thigh-high tartan sock-boots from Fendi

Six Ways to Update Check for Your Spring Wardrobe

Photographer Ben Toms and Katie Shillingford consider the ubiquitous pattern anew for AnOther Magazine S/S18

Lead ImageHannah is wearing a nylon tartan dress and thigh-high tartan sock-boots from Fendi

There is a subversive simplicity to check, of which a plethora of iterations were to be found on the runways of S/S18. In defiance of its straightforward design, tartan, gingham and plaid alike have long been adopted as symbols of allegiance and rebellion, from ancient Scottish clansmen to anarchic punks the world over.

It is in this disruptive spirit that photographer Ben Toms and Katie Shillingford consider the well-recognised print anew, taking cues from the defining pieces, and designers, of the season. 

1. Matching (above)

There is much satisfaction to be found in matching one’s garments in a top-to-toe look. Those struggling to find the perfect combination would do well to turn to Fendi, where a thigh-high sock-boot and dress, in tartan nylon, blend together effortlessly.

2. Vintage

The word ‘vintage’ need not conjure up tired second-hand garments that have seen better days – here, an archival check from the British house of Burberry is repurposed into an oversized cotton shirt. Those wishing to emulate should take note of the roomy proportions, which nod to fashion’s current fascination with streetwear. 

3. Ladylike

Communicate a lady of the manor demeanour with this checked shirt, skirt and bodice from Marni, which, when combined, suggest a restrained femininity that’s far from saccharine. A lace collar and cuffs may seem prim, but latex leggings will tell of an underlying appetite for subversion.

4. Oversized

When it comes to day-to-day dressing, the figure of the lumberjack has long been a point of inspiration, with varying success. Ensure yours with a playful approach to proportion – combine this Balenciaga padded flannel shirt and skin-tight denim-print pantashoes for a satisfyingly top-heavy silhouette. 

5. Eccentric

Domestic chores will be made all the more appealing if undertaken in a colourful get-up, such as this candy-hued MSGM two-piece. Disrupt the tonal prints with a selection of offbeat accessories – denim cowboy boots, a gingham apron or simply a pair of humble rubber gloves will do the trick nicely. 

6. Tweed

Chanel tweed may well communicate elegance like little else, but it needn’t be staid. Combine with a Leigh Bowery-esque red lip, coloured well outside of the lines, to eschew any suggestion of conservatism. 

Hair: Mari Ohashi at LGA Management using Davines. Make-up: Lucy Bridge at Streeters using Chanel Neapolis: New City and Chanel Blue Serum Eye. Models: Akiima at IMG London, Xie Chaoyu at Premier, Kiera Fox and Ellen Freed from New Noveta, Lorna Florence at W Model Management, Amy Gwatkin, Hannah Motler at Premier, Ninouk at Wilhelmina London, Evie Stein at IMM Agency and Vivienne at Ugly Models. Casting: Noah Shelley at AM Casting. Set design: Polly Philp at The Magnet Agency. Manicure: Adam Slee at Streeters using Rimmel. Digital tech: Lee Whittaker. Photographic assistants: Jack Symes, Mike Merkenschlager, Samuel Hearn, and Tim Mahoney. Styling assistants: Jessica Gerardi and Molly Shillingford. Hair assistant: Tommy Taylor. Make-up assistants: Bernadette Krejci and Mattie White. Set-design assistant: Nina George.

This story originally featured in the Spring/Summer 2018 issue of AnOther Magazine, which is on sale now.