The Instagram Account Charting History’s Iconic Blonde Crops

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Via @iconicblondecrops

Iconic Blonde Crops is an Instagram account worth following if you’re looking to emulate Tilda Swinton or Kelis circa 2006

The creator of Instagram account @iconicblondecrops – who wishes to remain anonymous – has an excellent way with hashtags; the pun-based captions given to images of celebrities sporting short, bleached blonde hair on the 2016-founded profile are a stroke of unadulterated genius. “I really enjoy the many, many British TV soap-stars who’ve sported the same haircut, normally to signify a strong female character,” they explain. “Ladies like Sally Webster from Coronation Street (AKA #SallyCropster), Sam Mitchell of Eastenders (#DaniellaWestcrop) and Shirley Carter of Bad Girls, (or #BadCrops). They are all representative of iconic and powerful crops.”

Although based in the UK, the founder has expanded their feed to include women from all over the globe. There’s Kelis circa 2006 sporting a yellow-toned quiff – #MightCropMeOnceWontLetYouCropMeTwice – and Elizabeth Taylor, or #CleoCropra, as she’s known here, in her golden years, hair coiffured into a candyfloss cloud. Jennifer Lawrence also makes an appearance as #CropnissEverdeen, as does Sharon Stone, her 1990s platinum pixie cut assisted by 7,000 litres of hair gel to defy the laws of gravity. Naturally, Stone is hashtagged with a twist on her famous line from Basic Instinct: #WhatExactlyDidYouHaveInMindMrCropelli? 

“If you take any major – or Z-list – celebrity, male or female, at some point, it’s highly likely they cut all their hair off and bleached it blonde,” notes the founder. “Most often it’s part of an image overhaul, usually after some kind of life-changing event. Think about Claire Richards from Steps losing six stone, Miley Cyrus distancing herself from Hannah Montana, Princess Diana divorcing Prince Charles or Katy Perry making ‘purposeful pop music’. They all used their Iconic Blonde Crop to start a new era for themselves.” This Friday, follow @iconicblondecrops to garner some follicular inspiration for the New Year ahead. For nothing says “I’M DEALING WITH IT” better than an encounter with a bottle of peroxide and some razor sharp scissors.