What You Loved in 2017: Earrings with Faces On

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Artwork by Elizabeth Henson

Statement earrings have never been so expressive as in the hands of Sophie Buhai, J.W Anderson, Rosie Assoulin and co.

In theatrical tradition the masks symbolising comedy and tragedy – one with the corners of its mouth turned down in a grimace, the other grinning wildly – are almost eternally depicted together, like two sides of the same coin. So it seems somehow fitting that in 2017 (a year with no end of its own drama) we took to wearing jewellery’s equivalent of these dramatic implements – earrings with faces on – with such aplomb. 2017 has seen the statement earring explode with unprecedented enthusiasm, and when you don’t have the emotional capacity to communicate all that you feel, why not let your jewellery do it for you? A few of our favourites: J.W. Anderson’s delicate Moon Face earrings in gold; Rosie Assoulin’s elegant Surrealist construction; Sophie Buhai’s gorgeous handmade Paloma drops, to name just a few. For a full list, and one always open to new additions, see below. With any luck, expressive ear-jewellery will remain with us long into 2018.

  1. Moon face earrings by J.W Anderson
  2. Face keyring by Christopher Kane
  3. Half face-drop earring by Rosie Assoulin
  4. Lips earring by Delfina Delettrez
  5. Emoticon earrings by Alison Lou
  6. Paloma earring by Sophie Buhai
  7. Grande tête-à-tête earrings by Anissa Kermiche, in collaboration with Rejina Pyo
  8. 14 karat gold face ring by Sarah and Sebastian
  9. Bead and crystal-embellished drop earrings by Etro
  10. Cat face-drop clip-on earrings by Claire Barrow