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Suede patchwork track jacket by Chloé, mesh body by Evan Phillips, thigh-high patent-leather boots by Mulberry

Seven Modern Ways to Style Brown Clothes for Winter

Agata Belcen and Nell Kalonji suggest a contemporary update for the 1970s shade, styled on Grace Bol and photographed by Jackie Nickerson for AnOther Magazine A/W17

Lead ImageSuede patchwork track jacket by Chloé, mesh body by Evan Phillips, thigh-high patent-leather boots by Mulberry

The colour brown was ubiquitous during the 1970s – injected into interiors, cars, clothes, and everything in between. The popularity of such a drab hue might have been cultural response to the technicolour psychedelia of the preceding decade; corduroy trousers, suede fringing, leather jackets and polyester shirts taking on tones of tan, beige, mahogany and burnt umber in a revolution against brighter hues.

Given its reputation as the black of the 1970s, making brown work in a contemporary wardrobe is no mean feat. Here, as photographed for AnOther Magazine A/W17 by Jackie Nickerson, Agata Belcen and Nell Kalonji explore.

1. Track (above)

A suede patchwork track jacket worn with knickers and thigh-high patent boots might not be suitable for running a marathon, but is sure to turn heads of an evening.

2. Elegant

Elevate multifarious shades of beaver brown to new levels by swathing yourself in an elegant wool and cashmere wrap coat. 

3. Mesh

What could be more alluring than a leather dress paired with mesh boots? Particularly if those items happen to be chestnut-toned. 

4. Leather

Avoid any connotations of The Matrix-style cyber-goth garb by swapping a black leather trench coat for its warm, neutral brown equivalent. 

5. Net

Is it a fishing net? Is it a dress? Who knows – or cares, when it looks this good?

6. Sheer

Sex up brown separates by teaming them with a sheer bodysuit. Layering said garment over camel-coloured trousers is entirely optional. 

7. Knit

A chunky knit jumper tied around your shoulders is the perfect solution for chilly winter nights. 

Hair: Jawara Wauchope at Bryant Artists using Bumble and Bumble. Make-up: Nami Yoshida at Bryant Artists using Nars. Model: Grace Bol at The Hive Management. Casting: Piotr Chamier. Digital tech: Tim Grant. Photographic assistant: Andy Moores. Styling assistants: Chloe Grace Press, Rebecca Perlmutar, Abigail Adler, Nicola Chan, Sunnie Fraser and Tess Pisani. Casting assistants: Natalia Farnaus and Olivia Langner. Production: Freddie De Santiago at Sylvia Farago Ltd

These images originally appeared in Autumn/Winter 2017 issue of AnOther Magazine, which is on sale now.