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Double-belted coat in Pigalle coating by Joseph. Photography by Tim Elkaïm, Styling by Chloe Grace Press

A Photographic Tribute to Stacking, Layering and Loading Up

Tim Elkaïm and Chloe Grace Press chronicle the pieces calling out to be worn all at once for Autumn/Winter 17

Lead ImageDouble-belted coat in Pigalle coating by Joseph. Photography by Tim Elkaïm, Styling by Chloe Grace Press

In classical sculpture, the ancient Greek goddess Hecate was carved into a polycephalous being, with three heads or faces denoting the various facets of her authority over the earth, sky and sea. Here, for AnOther Magazine A/W17, Chloe Grace Press alludes to the power of Hecate through an edit of pieces which play on multiplicity; clothes and accessories incorporating double, triple and quadruple elements, all in the name of emphasis. 

Whether a trompe-l’œil heeled patent boot from Maison Margiela, several Chanel necklaces worn at the same time, or duplicated prints from Céline, you too can exude Hecate’s ancient strength with your sartorial choices this season, if you so decide. 

Hair: Yumi Nakada-Dingle at Home Agency using Aveda. Make-up: Fir Wang at Atomo Management using Nars. Models: Franziska Bachoven; Sofia Fanego at Silent Models; Dustin Muchuvitz; and Camille Rochand at Girl Management. Casting: TM Casting. Manicure: Beatrice Eni at ASG Paris. Set design: Sophear at Swan Management. Digital tech: Florian Massal at D-Factory. Photographic assistant: Yves Mourtada. Styling assistant: Grisel Clémence. Hair assistant: Fabio Petri. Set assistant: Céline Corbineau. Production: The Collective Shift. Post-production: D-Factory. Special thanks to Upper East Studio and Codimat

These images originally appeared in Autumn/Winter 2017 issue of AnOther Magazine, which is on sale now.