Jewellery Designer Delfina Delettrez on a Magic Pair of Dice

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Delfina is wearing a mink patchwork coat by Fendi. Yellow gold earring, ring with freshwater pearls and white diamonds, and white gold ring with aquamarine and diamonds by Delfina Delettrez

The fourth-generation Fendi describes the gift, from a charismatic family friend, which has informed both her designs and her personal philosophy

“When I was a teenager, we had a family friend who often came to lunch. He was super charismatic and elegant and I remember an embroidered motif on his shirt: two black dots and five red dots, for the number seven. This symbol intrigued me and then I discovered that he carried a pair of dice in his pocket. He was a gambler, but a philosophical one; he was interested in fate and numerology. We often played a very simple Mexican dice game, and one day he came home with a pair of dice as a gift for me. It became an obsession. I loved the beautiful noise that they made as well as their aesthetic. At school I began to promote myself as a fortune teller. I’m superstitious, but not in a classic Italian way. I’m more interested in science: I believe in frequencies. Throwing dice is like following your instinct. I follow my instinct constantly. So far, it’s worked.”

Archaeological evidence of dice dates back all the way to 6000 BC, but for Delfina Delettrez, the fourth-generation Fendi who has made her own name designing fine jewellery in Surrealist shapes and precious stones, one senses that their symbolism is rooted more in the rich tapestry of her life than in clichéd tropes about fate. As the indecisive Libran at the head of a small independent brand, Delettrez has learned to trust her instincts when it comes to making decisions relating to both her life and her work. And, with the global renown she has achieved so early on in her career, such an approach has clearly served her well.

Grooming: Erica Peschiera at Aura Photo Agency using Marc Jacobs Beauty. Styling assistants: Rebecca Perlmutar, Roberta Astarita and Sunnie Fraser.

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