Five Things to Remember When Holidaying Alone

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Photography by Romain Laprade, courtesy of Smythson

Elevate your solo excursions to new heights with five tried and tested golden rules

For the seasoned jet-setter, there is perhaps nothing more liberating than travelling alone. But as those in the know will attest, to do so in style requires more than simply remembering to pack your passport. Solo travellers, take note of our five essential tips for making your solitary business trip or city break a resounding success; from ensuring you always have a pen and paper to hand, to why found objects can make the perfect secret souvenir.

1. Keep a pen and paper handy 

Writers and artists throughout history have asserted that the solo trip is one of life’s greatest sources of inspiration. Joan Didion, for one, always carried a typewriter in her suitcase, to note down thoughts as she made her way around the west coast of America in her Corvette Stingray. While carrying a weighty Royal KMM in your luggage might seem a little over the top for 2017, a pen and a few blank sheets of paper will certainly suffice. We recommend storing your scribblings in Smythson’s Wilde A4 writing folder, crafted from glossy black alligator skin. 

2. Carry spare change

You never know when you might be caught short on a lone shopping trip in your destination. What could be worse than discovering the perfect set of earthenware ceramic bowls in an obscure Tokyo market, and finding yourself lacking in the necessary yen? To make matters even more difficult, you won’t be accompanied by a travel partner carrying some spare change to accommodate your impulse buy. With Smythson’s nile blue leather Panama zip currency case there’s little to no danger of going home emptyhanded.

3. Finders, keepers when it comes to souvenirs

Found objects can be just as enticing as those purchased with foreign currency – and beautifully designed beermats (or phone numbers scrawled on matchboxes) make for ideal keepsakes. A discreet holder can come in useful when in need of a portable pocket to safely store such secret keepsakes – such as the Panama card holder, pictured here, and infinitely stylish in a deep midnight navy. 

4. You are your own best dinner companion

Dining solo is a deeply underappreciated activity, particularly when on holiday. Always chat with the locals freely; producing a tip from your Mara travel wallet will certainly be a talking point.

5. Pack light

If you tend to over-pack for a trip away alone (those personal objects won’t keep you company, after all) we suggest investing in a strealined, hand-luggage-sized holdall over the traditional suitcase. The Burlington provides just the right amount of space, and neatly eliminates the temptation to add that extra pair of shoes.

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