Ten Summer Beauty Essentials, According to the AnOther Team

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What's in your travel bag? It's one of our favourite questions come holiday season. Our office litmus test rounds up the best seasonal beauty buys

In the far-flung corners of our memories lie a series of vignetted holiday fragments. There settle some of the most deep-seated sensations: a waft of sickly sweet jasmine growing over a veranda; the warm baked smell of suntanned skin, or the Malibu spritz of Banana Boat suncream. The physical-meets-metaphysical pleasure of beauty products is similarly entwined with holiday season; be it the heady notes of wild rose or a little pot of coconut cream, they are endlessly evocative. So, we’ve plundered team AnOther’s go-tos for a toiletry bag of dreams.

1. Raw Coconut Cream, RMS Beauty

It’s true that on holiday any coconut oil will do to seal in the sheen post-salt and surf. This little pot of coconut cream, which comes courtesy of RMS Beauty, however, makes for a rather pleasingly packaged (not to mention hand luggage-friendly) addition. Swipe over cheekbones, collarbones, lips, shins and shoulders for a dreamy after-beach glow, or to fake one for an inner-city garden party. 

2. Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum, Byredo

The most down-to-earth of summery fragrances, this unisex scent lends the body grassy notes of bergamot, lemon, pepper and pine needles, but grounded with serious, sultry notes of amber and sandalwood. It’s a fashion fragrance for goths in hot weather: still an all-black ensemble, just with sunglasses. 

3. Balancing Face Oil, Susanne Kaufmann 

Bare skin is the ultimate aim in balmy weather and Susanne Kaufmann’s combination of ten oils, with its pore refining qualities and velvety finish, gets us closer to the goal according to Maisie Skidmore, AnOther’s digital editor. “After days of sunning and swimming and sunning and swimming, my skin tends to go a bit haywire, and Susanne Kaufmann’s balancing face oil is the best remedy I’ve found to set it straight again. It also smells glorious. Like every holiday I wish I’d been on.”

4. Gardenia Rattan Eau de Parfum, Aerin 

A ‘wet’ fragrance, Aerin’s Gardenia Rattan combines wet marine notes with the ever-so-slightly cloying notes of white flower petals like gardenia, tuberose and tiare Tahiti, conjuring images of leftover dew after a tropical rainstorm. “I save this one especially for hot weather days,” explains editorial assistant Sophie Bew. “I like to imagine I’m wearing a long white dress in the hibiscus-filled gardens of a Hawaiian mansion house – but in fact I’m just getting on the bus from Camberwell. It’s south I guess... but not really the same.”

5. High Definition Eyeliner in Azure, Tom Ford

An in-house survey confirms that on holiday mascara is mostly unwelcome. Crispy, crumbly and oftentimes smudgy, it’s rarely a poolside-perfect option. Might we propose a glide of Tom Ford’s eye pencil in Azure instead? When teamed with a tan, this steadfast slick of colour offers a boost with startling effect. 

6. Black Tulip Eau de Parfum, Atelier Bloem

A dirty, peppery floral, this is the fragrance that will be wafting past you all through the summer and way into September no doubt. Having recently caught up with the parfumiers themselves, it’s become an office favourite too. Tip: after taking a lukewarm shower at night, spritz behind the ears as a treat before bedtime. 

7. Addict Lip Glow Colour Awakening Lipbalm, Dior

If there’s ever a time the AnOther fashion team lightens up their look, it’s by the beach. “I always turn to this balm in the summer for its perfect pinky colour – it’s designed to adapt to each person’s skin tone so it looks different on everyone. With bare, dewy skin and a lick of liquid eyeliner, it’s my ideal summer beauty look.” Chloe Grace Press, fashion editor. 

8. Rose Cologne, Santa Maria Novella

This is AnOther editor-in-chief Susannah Frankel’s only summer fragrance. Stop by the charming Florentine pharmacy on Walton street for a heady escape to another place and time. Alternatively, when in Florence, the flagship farmacia is an absolute must-see.

9. The Thrill of Brazil nail colour, OPI  

“In my humble opinion as a connoisseur of red nail polish – it’s the only colour I ever wear – this is a go-to shade for the warmer months of the year. It looks especially chic on freshly pedicured toes poking out of a clunky Prada sandal, or on fingertips clutching a large Aperol spritz,” says editorial assistant Hannah Tindle.  

10. Eau Rose, Diptyque

Traditional rose is a clear winner here at AnOther, since it tops fashion assistant Rosie Arkell-Palmer’s list too. “It reminds me of sitting out in the garden on balmy summer evenings when the roses smell most fragrant after the heat of the day... Nothing is more glorious than smelling like a bed of roses!”