Three Travel-Themed Accounts for Holiday Inspiration

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Hotel Camiral, PGA CatalunyaVia @somewhereiwouldliketogo

Strapped for ideas on where to go or what to wear this summer? Let Instagram guide your way

The time of year is upon us again: email inboxes are rife with ‘out of office’ notifications, the skies are predictably grey and seemingly everyone remaining has been blessed with an envy-inducing tan. If heading to sunnier climes right now is a distant dream, fear not, we’ve selected the best Instagram accounts to transport your mind into holiday mode, whether you scroll through them from a sunbed or an office chair.


Guaranteed to brighten up even the gloomiest British summertime days, Postcards From the Past is a treasure trove of holiday-themed hilarity. Created by collector and curator Tom Jackson, at first glance it is a Martin Parr-esque homage to the tacky novelty postcards of yesteryear, then upon further inspection its appeal doubles with the realisation that each image is captioned with a small section of what was originally written on the back of the postcard. A particular highlight is a card emblazoned with ‘Beautiful North Wales’, dictating only “Melinda and I stroked a stingray”. Resolutely British humour at its very best.   


With a tagline that promises “It’s always summer here”, how could we not include the endless sun-drenched scrolls that @born.on.the.beach provides? Founded by fashion photographer Anastasia Gerak, the account is a celebration of the most stylish holiday moments from the worlds of fashion and film. From a sea-frolicking, polka dot-clad Brigitte Bardot, to a sand-dwelling Stephanie Seymour and Claudia Schiffer wearing a knotted 90s shirt like nobody else – there is nowhere better to find the inspiration for this season’s holiday look.


When it feels like the hours lost trawling the depths of the internet for innovative new holiday destinations is almost worth abandoning the trip for completely, we highly recommend a trip to @somewhereiwouldliketogo. The sister account of interior appreciation archive Somewhere I Would Like To Live, it is a wonderful exploration of the most desirable – and more importantly, unique – holiday locations across the globe. From Japanese mountain dwellings shrouded in pink mist, to a sunken Arizonian oasis and the interiors of impossibly decadent hotels. Hopeful flight searches are imminent.