Sublime Spaces: Follow These Feeds for Interior Inspiration

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Colour, proportion play and meticulous detailing are exemplified in these three Instagram accounts

What do you do when a you’re all out of ideas on how to give your home (however big or small) a spruce, and neither the surreal sets of fashion editorials in your favourite magazines, nor a long walk around the IKEA showroom can provide the inspiration you’re looking for? You turn to Instagram, obviously, that never-ending well of inspiring interiors. And in case you’d prefer to do so with our guidance, here are three accounts that neatly sidestep cutesy craft storage solutions and hand-crocheted cushion covers, in favour of crowd-sourced images of fantasy living rooms, vintage furniture adverts, and beds you'd never want to leave.

Collectively the AnOther team has lost many hours to the finely tuned findings of Instagram account @coqui__coqui, which neatly surmises everything the social platform does so well. At a quick glance, it’s a brilliant edit of interiors inspiration from every media source imaginable, dotted with black and white film stills, vintage beauty and fashion ads and rare photographs of artists’ works, in which selection there are more ideas buried than we care to count. Indulge in some serious scrolling time, however, and you’ll soon notice that this feed is doubly curated: the images are arranged according to colour and pattern, too – luscious greenery clusters together in one area, giving way over time to swatches of fabric in pastel ice cream shades, followed by a proliferation of black grids on white backgrounds, to mention but a few. What a dream.

“Sleeping is no mean art: for its sake one must stay awake all day,” Friedrich Nietzsche once wisely quipped, and his words, coupled with their implied celebration of that most passive of all pastimes, make an uncommonly appropriate mantra for our next Instagram offering: @alwayssssleep. It is curated with those who not only love to sleep, but live for it, in mind: a dreamlike wash of 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, stacks of inspiring reads and plants aplenty piled up bedside, and it's pleasingly lacking in gratuitous shots of semi-naked women, although the occasional pet might creep in. The captions alone will have you tagging everybody you know: from “current mood is leave me alone mixed with an impulse to light everything on fire,” to “pretty sure I'm dead but can someone come check?”

Unsurprisingly, the Instagram home of The Spaces, a digital magazine dedicated to exploring new places to live and work, makes for fabulous visual fodder – all once-in-a-lifetime furniture purchases, custom-built homes designed by architecture studios precisely so that their inhabitants can look out over mountain-ranges from dawn ’til dusk, and abandoned factories that cry out about an era long-past. Art, architecture and interior design are one and the same here, and all roads lead back to the website, which has ever more wisdom within its folds. The best thing of all, however? Each image is painstakingly sourced and credited, so not only can you lose yourself in a never-ending spiral of feeds, but the team's conscientious crediting means you can also credit clock up some good ‘gram karma in the process.