The Modernist Table That Spawned a Thousand Imitations

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Interiors For Today, 1974Courtesy of Franco Magnani

This week Supreme Interiors pays homage to Eero Saarinen, the Finnish American designer whose Tulip table design defined mid-century modern furniture

Eero Saarinen was a Finnish American architect and furniture designer, popular for his curvaceous lines and an almost obsessive attention to detail. A master of the mid-20th century modernist movement, Saarinen’s iconic designs include the enveloping 'Womb' chair and St Louis’ famous Gateway Arch.

Saarinen is probably best known, however, for his Tulip furniture series. Designed in 1956 for Knoll, the Pedestal Table and Tulip Chair series were envisioned as a solution to what he called "the slum of legs throughout US homes". His sculptural method took on an organic disposition as the shape of the cast aluminium base was inspired by a drop of high viscosity liquid suspended in animation. The design was received with critical acclaim, and enjoyed widespread commercial success. 

The Tulip series contains dining, coffee, and side tables along with three iterations of the chair. This is, without a doubt, one of the most documented furniture collections in the Supreme Interiors archive and this week we've compiled ten examples of the feted table in ten striking spaces, offering a top Tulip tribute to the late and great Eero Saarinen.

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