Weird and Wonderful Retro Fireplaces

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Interiors for Today, 1974© Franco Magnani

Supreme Interiors considers the vintage fireplaces that made design history

'Tis the season for all things holiday, and in celebration of another year around the sun, we offer a special Yuletide edition of Supreme Interiors. With the passing of the Winter Solstice, the time is upon us for feasting, drinking, and ritualistic sacrifice... Really!

In Pagan lore, the yule log was given as a gift for Christmas or Yuletide celebration, to signify turning night into day and to commemorate the return of the solstice sun. It would immediately be burnt upon the hearth and left to turn completely into ash, as it was considered bad luck to relight a yule log that had been left to go out. The night would then be filled with drinking, gifts, games, ghost stories, and ritualistic sacrifice. 

Feeling the reason for the season, we scoured the Supreme Interiors archives to reveal ten of the very best Yule-worthy fireplaces from the 1970s and 80s. Enjoy. 

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