A Doggie Delight: Canine Collectibles

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This Christmas, Ace Hotel and Four & Sons have joined forces to create a deck of collectible playing cards to replace the traditional festive board game

Portland-based hotel chain Ace Hotel has come to build a reputation around successful partnerships – and from Steven Harrington’s limited-edition screen prints to Sunpocket’s foldable sunglasses and designer hotel essentials, it has established itself as a brilliant advocate for creative collaborations. Equally remarkable but perhaps less talked-about (aside from our feature on its collaboration with The Gourmand for an Animal Couture dog show earlier this year) is the company’s proudly pet-friendly policy, a decree which has become the focus of their most recent project. This winter, Ace Hotel’s London team has turned to dog-meets-culture magazine Four & Sons and award-winning print and design company MOO for their new, canine-centric undertaking: a reimagining of the classic Top Trumps game with a doggie twist... So, here are the rules if you want to play.

There are 25 cards in total, each designed by a different artist (curated by Four & Sons Creative Director Marta Roca) as a tribute to their favourite breed in the form of a gorgeous portrait, a comical illustration or a Xeroxed collage. Hotel guests will be given a doggie card during their check-in, and visitors can obtain one with every purchase made in the lobby, bar and restaurant. You can then decide to collect your precious cards, or cash them in for a bag of doggie delights to bequeath upon your canine companions this Christmas. But, from a bulldog on a skateboard to a negative-space dalmatian, we think they'll charm you enough to keep them for yourself...