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Marko Brajovic Arca
Marko Brajovic, The Arca HousePhotography by Victor Affaro

Click to dream: the Spanish architecture collective shares an inspired selection of enviable abodes

The Arca House
Tucked away on the edge of a national park, the Arca house by Atelier Marko Brajovic exceptional residence, emerges like a boat from the midst of the verdant jungle that surrounds it. With Brazil's Parequé waterfall just a short distance away, the building was conceived to as a home for creative families seeking inspiration among Mother Nature.

TV-am Television Studios
This colourful building could be mistaken for a modern Mesopotamian temple. It was created by the magnificent architect Terry Farrell and demonstrates a brave approach to the postmodernist style. Built in the 1980s, in the north London borough of Camden, Farrel saw the idiosyncratic structure as a “tremendous release” from the “restrictive and utilitarian” ideas that abounded during the decade.

Mark Borthwick's Home
Stepping into the house of British artist Mark Borthwick is like entering an alternate, thoroughly bohemian universe. Designed by architects Ferlund + Logan, the Brooklyn apartment strikes a perfect balance between Scandinavian style and austerity; free from boundaries, it's the perfect space for a modern family.

La Ricarda
Catalan architect Antonio Bonet is the author of this emblematic residence – a key symbol of 1960s architecture. The huge space combines Spanish tradition and contemporary architectural ideals to wonderful effect. It is a timeless structure, with an important legacy in the context of international architecture.

Ramot Polin Apartments
Catalogued as one of the most extraordinary buildings in the world, this complex of apartments was commissioned by the Israeli government in 1977 and is situated in Jerusalem. Zvi Hecker is the brilliant mind behind this avant-garde living space, where geometry gives way to seemingly impossible architectural volume.