Five Sublime Instagram Accounts to Inspire Wanderlust

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Exotic climes are just a scroll away with these idyllic travel feeds

October has done its best to shrug off the bleak, wet connotations that have come to define it – until now. This week, the winter gloom has well and truly arrived, spurring that familiar longing for a spontaneous getaway to a far-flung destination. Fortunately, the social media universe boasts a bounty of inspired Instagram accounts that provide a quick travel tonic, giving us a virtual window into unchartered territories and exotic climes. Here, we pinpoint five of our favourites – spanning California deserts, Tuscan hills and Norwegian mountains – for your delectation.

Norwegian graphic designer, photographer and lifestyle writer Hilde Mork fills her feed with beautifully-lit mountainscapes and scenes of rural bliss (sheep, hens, wild flowers) alongside atmospheric still lifes and examples of her chic designs.

Daniel Farò, a German photographer and graphic design student, is still cutting his teeth at the age of 21, but his Instagram account is ridiculously accomplished. Characterised by dreamy, washed out tones, Farò's photographs document his diverse travels – from summer at the Sicilian seaside to a Romanian road trip.

LA-based photographer Lauren Randolph allows us to vicariously explore the myriad joys of the Californian city and its surrounding locales via her eviably sun-drenched account. Think deserts, beaches and boulevards in vibrant hues, punctuated by covetable vintage car spottings.

If his Instagram feed is anything to go by, self-proclaimed adventurer and photographer Alex Strohl spends his days roaming over mountain and dale, on foot and in his trusty 4x4, pitching tents and taking awe-inducing photographs of the natural wonders he encounters. Splitting his times between LA and Vancouver, Strohl has a particular knack for capturing mountains and their spellbinding reflections in the lakes below. 

The clue's in the title: Suitcase Magazine is devoted to "re-imagining the role of the travel magazine... embracing the eclectic and adventurous appetite of a generation of creatives and entrepreneurs," and we, for one, are sold. A scroll through their feed allows you to zip from the depths of the Sri-Lankan countryside to the sugar-dusted mountains of Colorado and the verdant hills of Tuscany. If you need inspiration for your next holiday, @suitcasemag is the place to go.