This is Husband Material

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Keanu ReevesCourtesy of @thisishusbandmaterial

This Happy Monday we bring you the best men on the market

This week’s dose of Monday cheer comes from London-based writer/editor Liv Siddall, whose wise Instagram celebrates “handsome, brilliant, intelligent, daring men who would make good and useful husbands”. This isn’t just another Instagram feed of your hotties. Instead Siddall dives into the charming quirks that make these guys more than a pretty face, with each picture coming with an accurate profile outlining your dreamboat’s character traits, talents and interests. Thanks to @thisishusbandmaterial, we've discovered that Keanu Reeves is a man of integrity who often negotiates his salary down, that David Lynch is great at cooking quinoa (as well as styling his glorious hair), that Joaquin Phoenix would much rather hang out with his dogs than attend a celebrity gala and that Bill Murray picks his jobs based on how producers treat the waitresses at his favourite diner. All essential research for when you decide to take the plunge into celebrity dating.

Happy Monday! #anotherhappymonday